Yin Yoga: Sinking Into Stillness

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Join Anastasia for this hour-long class that spends five delicious minutes with every pose. Breathe deeply, relax your body and take the time to sink into the opening within each asana. It will calm you down immensely and leave you feeling grounded and centered in your body. Note: you will be holding each pose in this class for five minutes. 

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first time at this site. have no bolster and easy made one with the instructions about the blanket and the ties! the sessio was great, I feel so centered now. I was moving a lot to find the right posture, felt a bit that I did not do it 'right'but I feel bright and quiet now. So I should have done something right! also the hour went by so quick!
thank you very much for posting this on line :-)

Have done this a few times and am always amazed at how hot I become in pigeon (a fave pose)...and in today's practice, some nausea. Normally not a fan of props but it's easy to incorporate them here. By nature I'm too anxious to endure long holds but use this to work through that, achieve focus along with deeper, more relaxed breathing. But just as I achieve that state the transitions are too fast which cause a bit of agitation and I lose the 'sink.' Also, the lack of...perhaps...a guided meditation in a protracted savasana is unfortunate. Thanks to all who provide the great variety of videos on DYWM.

I found this to be extremely relaxing. I always struggle with my breath, and the slow pace of this class allowed me to focus on it much better. Thank you!

hi Trish,
Thanks for the feedback. Poses are typically held for 3-5 minutes in a Yin class - beyond that we would consider it a deep yin class and definitely not for beginners. Glad you found a way to make it work for yourself!

Oh my goodness Charley - I am so happy to hear how helpful this class has been for you! Reading your comment gave me goosebumps :)

I love you and I finally completed this whole class. I went from out of control rage monster to a bliss ball. <3

Thank you very much Anastasia, great class.

What a wonderful class energy has been low in my body but this was so wonderful to restore and connect. Beautiful class and one I will use again.

Coming home from work today, my mind was numb from allergy meds and scattered from trying to mind three children (I am a nanny). Residual shock from events several days past and fear that has made it much harder to be alone basically meant I was in complete shutdown. It took twenty minutes to go from deciding to do this video to actually navigating to this page, because I kept zoning out. With this video, I was able to change that cluttered emptiness in my mind into peaceful strength and patience. Thank you for creating and posting this video.

I am a 23 year old intermediate/advanced yogi who has recently found a love for yin yoga. I have suffered from clinical depression and extreme social anxiety disorder for over 10 years and as a result am heavily medicated, which I do not like. I discovered this video about a month ago and have been practicing it 3-4 times per week. In the past month I have been able to halve my medication as I have been having less and less panic attacks. I credit this to this video. Anytime I am feeling anxious or need to just calm down I go to this video (instead of a pill) and it works every time! The ability to meditate and stay in a posture for 5 minutes was something I never thought I would have the mental capacity to do and now this hour is my favourite part of the day.
I just wanted to thank David so much for having this site open and free for everyone (love your videos as well David) and to Anastasia for posting this video.


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