Heal Chronic Pain

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Guided Visualizations
If you have ever experienced chronic pain, you know how debilitating it can be in your life. This guided meditation will help you develop the tools that you need to heal. Using deep relaxation and gentle guidance, you will learn how to effectively let go of pain or illness.
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The Bane of Pain!

I usually don't comment on anything, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. I just don't do it. But I feel compelled to hype up this site as much as I possibly can because it's helped me so much!

This is one of those videos that'll just melt away tension, fears, and worries. Enjoy!

Hi David I did what you

Hi David

I did what you suggested and tried same meditations but this time using google chrome browser , and Voila it worked perfectly , no problems at all.

Thanks man, Namaste my friend

I'm unable to play the meditation

Hi Matt.

The problem you're experiencing is most likely connected to your browser or the device you are using. Often, you can fix the issue simply by switching your browser to Google Chrome, so give that a try. If it doesn't work, let me know!

All the best,

DoYogaWithMe.com Founder


Hey David

I really appreciate your job building this website , its amazing and since i found it by chance its one of my regular sites on line it really helped me a lot , but lately i back to some more challenging meditations and dont work , when i try to play nothing happen in some of them , others works normally, can somebody help me with that issue?

I would like to tell you once more what youve done here is awesome ,

God bless you , man

Beautiful Meditation

Beautiful. That was simply beautiful. Thank you. My shoulder feels a lot better.