Public Basic 3 Items
  • Good for twists, but also some good core and general strength, balance and flexibility.

  • Gentle with just a little bit of lower body strength.  A couple of strong twists.  Two pyramids, one sort of extreme, make it a goal. A lot of opportunity for strong, deep breathing.

  • Slow and gentle with really good stretching and a little balance.



Public Basic 8 Items
  • This was good. Bit of stretch, bit of balance. It had a nice triangle and good stretching on back of legs. Half moon bind. And note that in the beginning when she says grab elbow, she means ankle.

  • New favorite. Mostly gentle. Good triangles and 2 good half moons. Maybe grab block for those.

  • Light practice with eagle pose forward bend flow, i don't know what this is called but it's a great balance challenge.

  • Everything feels so good after this class. The pace is not too fast, not too slow. Strength challenges, but just enough. Balance challenges, flexibility, hips, it's all there. Might be a good weekly.

  • Slow, strong balancing and grounding through a half moon flow. Hanuman into splits, so good flexibility too. Might be a good weekly to cultivate balance and flexibility.

  • Try this one for weekly strength/balance. Good pace for breath. Note...clear some space in front for that kick through thing.

  • Funnest standing balance class ever.