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My Favorite Classes

My Favorite Classes

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  • Lots of nice beautiful twists. A great opening session.

  • A gentle class with an option to include wheel pose. This classes nice flows through each of the 5 elements at a slow steady pace. A great way to find some grounding. 

  • Lot’s of achievable enjoyable twists.

  • Excellent full body practice that is nicely attainable.

  • Great hip opening practice with a focus on the second chakra (orange-pelvis). The second chakra is the centre of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection. The element is water.

  • Great foundational class with clear instructions on alignment.

  • Great upper back and shoulder opening.

  • Nice twists and use of eyes closed creates greater awareness. Nice spiritual component in this class.

  • Nice spiritual component to this session.

  • Nice short practice to warm up the core. It ends with a nice sun salutation. This can be a standalone class or taken as a warm up.

  • A very enjoyable intermediate class. It has a nice gentle flow with some great twists and balances, and no peak poses.

  • Level 3 for some challenging balance poses. Great music and a nicely done voiceover by Fiji.

  • Nice sequence that finishes with Dancers pose and some enjoyable twists.

  • Really good for hamstring. Can be combined with another class.

  • Some good balancing poses in this class, along with a focus on the vayus. Very enjoyable and presents some good challenging poses.

  • Wonderful balance and strength asanas in this practice. I like the use of mudras.

  • Great twists with some pranayama included

  • A great wonderful flow with some of my favorite asanas and some great twisting.

  • Wow – I could do this class every day. It really helped me loosen my lower back and open it up. I feel great.

  • Good challenging class with nice backbends. Very satisfying.

  • Nice bent triangle pose and I liked the inclusion of a challenging arm balance pose. Really good sequencing.

  • Nice slow flow with strength building balances and twists. A fun, challenging and grounding class.

  • Nice slow flow with strength building balances and twists. A fun, challenging and grounding class.

  • This is a gentle and effective class to generate some movement and create some flexibility. It is good for first thing in the morning.

  • Good opening session movements. Great for beginners or for older students.

  • A nice gentle flow - nothing extreme. Some poses are held to generate heat. Fiji gives excellent guidance on breathing. There is a nice bind at bent triangle, and a good focus on warrior one. The wide legged forward fold releases some tightening in the hamstrings. Cranes pose is incorporated near the end and is a nice hand balance. Savasana is too short.

  • Wonderful twists in this class.

  • A creative class with some fun transitions and challenging variations such as floating fallen triangle and standing splits. Nicely paced and Tracey Is as encouraging as always. Very enjoyable.

  • A challenging class with some great transitions and an option for a headstand. This is a full-body class that has some fun options. This class will create some heat. If I can get my legs off the floor on the arm balance I will have made great progress.

  • Delightful bind with a balance and a challenging ab movement. Creative transitions and strong verbal encouragement for how to incorporate our leanings from the mat to the outside world.

  • This flow class is a great example of the spiral staircase that Tracey does so well. The poses repeat and build on each other. There is nice version of tree pose, that blends into tree pose as part of side-plank.

  • Nice series of balancing poses and fun transitions. I like the transition from half moon pose to revolved moon pose.

  • A nice short class that is standing only - does not require a mat. The class has a calm steady pace with some enjoyable movements. This is a good way to end a day, especially if I don't have a mat.

  • I liked the breathwork in warrior 2, the transition into the eagle variations and the easy inclusion of mudras.

  • This is a great short practice with excellent transitions and challenging twists. Virabadrasana 3 and revolved half moon pose. Really good way to recharge and feel rooted.

  • A gentle class with some excellent hip openers, finishing with padmasana.

  • This class is challenging and achievable. It is more of a slow flow or hatha style. There is a wonderful buildup to ustrasana. This is a good class for early morning or late evening wind down as it is relatively gentle.

  • Nice gentle flow into Wheel Pose. Expertly guided and fun.