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  • 短小精干的腿部力量训练

  • mindfulness meditation - 4 tracks

  • Suitable for a tiring day. Not intense, yet effective.

  • Very slow stretch for legs. Not much for hips or lower back. No pigeon pose, only modified level. May be best on the next day following leg strength training, not feeling much if no lactic acid accumulation.

  • Good choice for tiring day at computer desk. Shoulder and neck all around. Nice classical oriental music.

  • Half Yang half Yin for hip opening

  • Good stretch after core strength exercise to stretch abdomenal muscle and side waist.

  • Good choreography, all-around practice strength practice, 节奏紧凑适度, moderate energy, wheel pose at the end.

  • very saturated 10-min, all-around ab exercise. 5 stars.

  • All-around stretch for hamstrings and leg tendons after lactic acid accumulation due to strength and energy exercises.

  • Very gentle, basic practice, suitable for menstruation period, except for the 2 times' lotus pose towards the end.

  • low moderate level, all-around core exercise. Not much about hips or legs. No stretch at the end.

  • Good core/abs exercise with brief stretch.

  • Hard yet modifiable poses. Deep leg muscle involvement, but poses are not relaxing.

  • Good for 1st day post strength training on hips and thigh to dissipate lactic acid.

  • Moderate intensity. Nice for thigh and abdomen. Longer intro and ending stretch than Kim's class, more suitable pace.

  • Good abdomen and thigh exercises. More intense than Class 3.

  • Abdomen strength. Most intense one out of the 3 Classes.

  • Good choreography. Moderate intensity - more intense than Rachel Scott's Yummy 20. Wheel pose at the end.

  • better back of thigh stretch than "post-run" episode, but less front of thigh stretch. Good for lactic acid dessipation after squat jump in previous day.

  • All-round exercise to shape up booty, not much stretch at the end though.

  • All angle pigeon poses for outer leg opening. Has one challenging pose. Has some Yin moments as pigeon. Good to dissipate lactic acid after leg workout. Has a few core strength moments as well.

  • Nice stretch for inner thigh, as well as some poses in Pegion Play for outer thigh. Especially suitable for lactic acid accumulation in legs!

  • All-around stretch for the front of legs, but not much for the outer or inner thigh. Good for lactic acid accumulation dissipation of front thigh performing muscle.

  • nice side waist muscle stretch and strength. Heat generating class.

  • More intense than her Booty Boost Pilates.

  • good abdominal stretch after core workout, including cobreath to camel, no wheel pose. More intense than Rachel's Yin.