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  • Forearm work. Good, short sequence. Challenging balance.

  • Takes place entirely seated on the mat. Great stretching. Good to tack onto a shorter vinyasa sequence.
    1,19. 4.3, 11.14

  • Peaceful class with heart openers and stretches. Not too many chatarangas.

  • 1/21

  • A great class for stretching and twisting. Bakasana included as well.
    3/23, 10.21

  • Makes dragonfly so accessible and the stretches are deep.
    1/8, 4.9, 5.19, 5.25, 7.8, 7.18
    9/3: becoming more familiar
    9.29, 11.9
    1.27.20, 2.29.20 (yes!), 3/22, 5/8, 6/2!, 8/18

    I love returning to this one. This time really focused on arm positioning during peak pose: 4/9/21.

  • Good challenges in this one -- stretching and arm balance. Headstand.

  • I've done a shorter version of this class before and it's deceptively simple. No movement is wasted. A lot of detail in the practice and instruction. I think the shorter class may be moving meditation, which is an appropriate name. Very good. The 70 minutes flew by.
    2/5, 3.25

    2/17.20, 4.17.20

  • Good class. Erased earlier comments. Slight hover in forearm balance on my last practice (11.24)
    3.19, 6.19, 10.19, 11.24

  • Hip stretch and twists. Good opportunities for headstand.

    11.3, 11.28 (Thanksgiving)

  • Loved this one. Quiet yet intense. Stay for the whole class.
    1/20. 6/21

    12.12: nice at holiday time

  • Short w/ arm balance. Good intensity for length.
    1/19, 2/6

  • A practice that explores the entire mat. Delicious stretches and twists. Good opportunities for standing bird and bakasana.
    1/26, 9/11

  • First time doing this class I did 40 minutes and felt like I was just getting started. Lots of interesting combinations -- backbend may be a misnomer.
    1/27; 2/12, 7.10,

  • Truly advanced with lots of binds and balances -- challenging. Perfection.
    1/30, 8.18, 9.30, 10.20, 11.16

    Tough with injury: 5/28

    Still having trouble with crazy eights: 7/29/20

    Haven't done this one in a year. Gut just beginning to heal on low-histamine diet: 6/20/21 (full class)

  • good restorative sequence. I think this could even be a good bedtime practice but challenging for day too. Also good for a day between two advanced sessions.
    2/4, 2/26, 6/14


  • Slow burn focusing on legs/feet/base. Very good instruction and message.
    2/14, 4/1.

  • I've done this one 3-4 x to date...challenging balances, both standing and arm. Good, slow pace.

  • Oh my goodness this is a tough one. Long holds. Made it to the 37 min. mark. Arm balances later in the class. Edit: a lot to learn here. Challenging.
    2/17, 2.22, 2.24

    Better: 4.7

    10.31: 43 min mark

    11.27: Completed and satisfied :)

  • I've done this one once maybe twice but accidentally deleted comments...
    2/21, 3/21

    Such a great practice. For its length it has a little bit of everything. Tracey is a gifted teacher in the way that she guides with quiet instruction.


  • Good weekend practice filled with poses I hadn't done in awhile: reverse triangle, happy baby. Challenging beginner w/ plenty of twists. Nice compliment to Fiji's Chakra 3.
    2/23, 10.2, 11.25

    1/23/20, 7.1.20,

  • Lots of movement and balance poses. Good, creative flow.


  • So good, as usual with Crista.
    2/28, 9.1

  • Very similar to chakra three but shorter and with an arm balance. Not as intense due to length, but some long holds. Good, short power practice.
    3/1, 3.24

  • one of fiji's best instructional classes on balances. Worth a revisit.


  • Found this one while in P Springs. Straightforward balances (not arm) with Tracey’s cool delivery. Good length.


  • wow. this one is a winner. Contemplative and challenging. One of my favorite Tracey's.
    5/6, 7.15, 7.28, 11.17

  • I love everything Crista does and this is no exception. A little shorter so doable on a weekday. Lots of twists as the title suggests but room for balances too. Unusual sequences.
    3.26, 4.10, 6.24

  • Goals. Great class.
    3.29, 4.2, 9.16

  • This is a great class: calming and challenging at the same time. Rachel comes at poses from a unique perspective. I'd even call this class a moving meditation as well. Perfect Monday class.
    4.8, 11.4

  • Tracey's signature quiet instruction in this small, perfect class. I used this as a re-entry after a three-week hiatus and it was a good choice.
    5/2, 6.20, 10.24

  • Made it to :55 mark due to time. Good balance opportunities. Soft and strong practice.
    6.3: only 30 min. added headstand

  • Nice, basic practice with dancer's pose.

  • Serene and powerful. Nice one.
    5/31, 8.17, 12.22

  • Good short power sequence for busy days.

  • just a great class. Touched the wall in forearm balance for first time
    6.12, 7.14

  • Good one, especially first 20 minutes. Did not like the way Fiji entered crow though.

  • Really good balance practice. Keep trying.
    7.22, 9.12, 11.5, 12.19

  • Good one! Keep this one for when time is short. Intense for length.
    7,24, 10.17

  • Another moving meditation with the message of lightness. Really enjoyed this one.
    7/29, 8.30

  • Good, basic practice with steady flow and slow twists. Nice option for a Monday or late afternoon/evening practice.


  • very good class. Repeat. Slow and steady. Good for a Monday or Friday.
    8.26, 10.14

  • I couldn't do some of the balances...interesting sequencing and good breathing message. Repeat


  • A nice way to prep for shoulder stand. Rachel makes everything doable.

  • Nice deliberate practice for a Sunday morning. Good in-between practice.

  • Slow with excellent instruction. Crazy eight at the end.

  • Nice class to practice splits. Calming with a lot of movement.

  • Slow and intense. I liked this one for a Friday or Monday.

  • This is a wonderful practice with some unique sequencing. Really enjoyable pace and message.


  • Short and sweet and stress-free way to practice 8 angle


  • a lot of fun. Maybe not for a Monday :)

  • Basic. I like some of her other short classes better.

  • Good, basic message and practice. Monday.

  • All over the mat. Good strong practice. First time in eagle headstand. :)

    2.23.20, 8.9.20

  • Good one. Close to a V Power workout sequence (but w/o the speed).

  • Excellent instruction and creativity.

  • Love this new instructor. What a great class. Slow intense flow

  • Theme: Surrender. Good class.
    2/3/20, 6.5.20

  • Looong holds in this one. Good class.

  • Good short arm balance practice

  • Very good class. Lots of stretching, but still a challenge. Made it to the 40 min. mark on a Thurs.


  • Good balance of stretches in this class. Nice for a slow, in between day.


  • V. good stretching.

  • Really good one.

    4/8/20, 4.18.20, 5.11.20

  • Yep.


  • Quiet, slow build. Focus on standing balances.
    5/6/20, 7/22/20, 4/26/21

  • Deceptively difficult. Her cool delivery makes you feel like you're doing less than you really are.
    5/19, 9.18

  • Good stretching into dragonfly.


  • Very v.power-like. Good workout.


  • To try

  • Slow but intense. Some difficult moments. Room for balances.


  • Very good sequencing. Challenging movements.


  • Nice balance class. Not easy. More like Intermediate III as someone commented.
    2/21, 4/23/21

  • Mostly stretching. Not sure if I'd label this intermediate III.


  • Nice, soft practice that includes a power arm balance: flying pigeon. Good stretches.


  • Keep trying. Good practice.

    3/10 & 12/21

  • I love the butterfly theme. Good, long sequence with Christa's creativity. Intermediate II maybe? Not sure how it's labeled.

  • I hadn't done this arm balance in awhile. Excellent stretching; Christa's classes work so well this way for my body. All in spite of a bad knee today.


  • Intense holds. Repeat.