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  • 2020 advanced challemge

  • More strenuous than it appears. Nice mix with reclining twists and heart openers

  • Nice full practice, covers most bases... shoulder openers, warrior 2, reverse, side angle, bind, bird of paradise, side plank.. but not too strenuous.

  • More relaxing g than strenuous. Nice flow with calming words and focus on each individual chakra

  • Great combo of side stretching, hip opening, and arm balances... crow, titivasana, and flying pigeon

  • beautiful well-rounded practice. lots of good outer hip stretches, balancing poses, with crow and headstand. no warrior 1 or 2.

  • all about the outer hips

  • Though not a long practice, this is very lengthening and engaging of abs. Good to do crow, warriors, and chair.

  • great for shoulders and abs with so many planks, dolphin poses, and others. Accomplishes a lot in 30 mins

  • Moves well to open hips with pigeon early in the practice before flying pigeon. Relaxing and strengthening.

  • Similar to Core Fusion, but less time in plank and side plank

  • Wonderful, thoughtful, great reminders, good for hips and core. Not too much wrist