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Public Basic 10 Items
  • Nice flow with some power and twists

  • Good all-around practice

  • Good stretching

  • Nice mix of moderate flow and power with good lengthening.

  • Difficult; challenging core strength and balance poses. More of a power class than flow.

  • More on the relaxing side, but with some nice twists and stretching. No sun salutations or vigorous flow. Good class with great instruction.

  • Twisting, balances, strength; nice mix. Good class.

  • Nice class; not a sweat-fest but good mix of flow, some power, twists and stretches. “a power yoga class that is really hard, but in a good way, do this one. Tracey takes you through a really fun flow that keeps you on your toes, mixed with deep stretches for the hip flexors (thighs), hamstrings, lower back and groin, along with poses with arm binds and lots of foot balances”

  • Great warmup; some flow, twists, all-around movements. 20 min.