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  • Good flow- gentle but enjoyable. 5ish minute vinyasa at end. Good for lighter day; good amount of movement and stretch, so still a flow but helps loosen body.

    When I was sore Monday morning from hot yoga and lacrosse on Sunday, some of these poses made my legs burn.

  • It's alright- it's a good class, but it's almost more like advanced stretching. Some flow but not a ton.

  • Good class, tiring for legs

  • Want to try this

  • Slower paced, but good for days when you're in the mood to really zone in and breathe. Held some poses long enough to get tired, but they're manageable. Mainly balance poses focused on lower body. TOO much talking =/ Too distracting

  • Allows for some stretching, a few challenging poses. Good for a mild day of practice. So much talking =/

  • Good class; challenging poses; not super fast paced; may need to do a sun salutation to warm up first
    Leg balancing poses; a few binds; one crow pose; wheel

  • Overall good; slow start, slow end, some challenging poses, good stretches; ...just talks a lot =/ Want videos like this with more quiet

  • Good class; challenging but doable. Twists, some strength, not a ton (workout but nothing intense). Good for stretching as well; kept me interested. May need a cushion for poses where you're putting pressure on your knee.

  • alright.. a lot of stretching at beginning and end. not really a power flow in my mind. some work..

  • Practice this a few more times

  • Overall good video; gets right into it, so if you have time, warm up on your own with sun salutations and/or meditation. Not a major workout, but gets you moving and stretching; some leg strength needed.

  • Good overall; some challenging poses; some good stretches; not super light but not super hard; second time around felt really good; 5 stars

    Gives me some ideas for teaching; could always add in some extra vinyasas or core work to build heat

  • Good class! Some good stretches and some strength building poses; pace is not fast, but it still gets heart up a few times

  • Good flow; challenging but not too difficult; not too much talking (good!)

  • This sequence was okay- not as challenging as I thought it would be. Most stretches with a bit of strength.

  • Pretty good movement and strength; start standing. On the ground cooling down shortly before 16; short savasana at end. Helped my mind feel calm (this video more challenging than the Resilience video)

  • Unfortunately, I'm really not a fan. Too much talking at the beginning and the end. During the middle, talking wasn't too bad; sometimes more than needed, but not as much as beginning and end. Even at 22 minute mark and 27 mark, talked the entire time during a long forward fold. Just too much. Pace was very slow; held some poses that made it hard, but overall, just didn't get enough flow in. Held poses on the right side longer than the left.

  • Good class: gets you moving and also helped me mentally as I breathed through each movement/used it as moving mediation.

  • Great, quick flow. Got me moving in a good but gentle way ..also tried side crow with only one arm

  • Very slow moving; hard to stay focused

  • Good flow (fluid movement). Not super challenging, but nice balance between effort and ease. Moving meditation (Tracey's voice is very gentle and cues are basic). No savasana at end.

  • Good! Want to teach some of these transitions

  • Good class; combo of flow and stretch. Good way to let stress go and do a lighter flow that allows you to move and breathe and just be.

  • Gets you moving pretty much right away; has some challenging poses, but there is also a lot of stretching with holds. Still a good workout and good release, but it is a slower pace than a typical power flow. Has some interesting lizard variations.

  • Great!

  • Good flow. Clear, simple directions.

  • Decent flow- got an idea for a sequence from it- but too much talking =/

  • Savasana starts at 30. Stretching starts at 20?

  • Great class!

  • Overall great class; slow movements but long holds, which got the heat going- more work for lower body (not too many vinyasas or plank holds but lots of legs).

  • Great class!