14 Fantastic Gifts for Your Favorite Yogi

14 Gifts for a yoga lover


Do you have a friend or family member who loves yoga? If you do, we've got you covered. We've tried, tested, and reviewed a group of the best yoga mats, props, yoga clothes and books out there. 

Below is a detailed description of each yoga product, including the reasons to buy or not to buy that particular item. Shopping for a yoga-lover can be hard, so we have done the work for you. Happy shopping!

Halfmoon Yoga Products 

Halfmoon's goal is to provide their customers with the best yoga and meditation products imaginable. With a commitment to offering an array of sustainable products, from sourcing Canadian buckwheat for meditation cushions to sewing and assembling many products in their Vancouver facility, they strive to reduce long term effects on the environment. 

Halfmoon also gives back to the community. This year, on Black Friday, 10% of revenues go to Yoga Outreach, an organization that brings the benefits of yoga to underserved communities, such as incarcerated individuals, women and children fleeing violence and those struggling with addiction. To learn more about Halfmoon Yoga Products, go to their website.


1. Halfmoon Earth Grip Mat

Earth Grip Mat

Material: 100% natural rubber
Thickness: 1/8" (3mm)
Weight: 4.4lbs (2kg)
Made in: Taiwan

It's hard not to absolutely love this mat! It's durable, supportive, has fantastic grip, is sustainably-made and is biodegradable. Each time you put your body on this mat, you will feel a level of support and connection that will make you feel confident and strong, even if you get a little sweaty. It's a remarkable mat that comes from great roots.

Buy the Halfmoon Earth Grip Mat if:

  • You are looking for a mat that has excellent traction
  • You want a mat that you can use when sweaty or not sweaty
  • You are looking for a mat that is made from natural materials
  • You like to have some padding for your knees, but not too heavy

Don't buy the Halfmoon Earth Grip Mat if:

  • You prefer a mat that has a smooth surface
  • You don't want a mat that smells like rubber
  • You prefer a mat that is made from plastic
  • You are looking for a mat that is light

Click here to purchase the Halfmoon Earth Grip Mat on Amazon

2. Halfmoon Mighty Mat  

Mighty Mat

Material: Non-toxic pvc
Thickness: 3/16" (4mm)
Weight: 4.7lbs (2.1kg)
Made in: China

This mat exhudes durability. It's a tough mat, making it great for heavy use and high impact. It doesn't have the traction of the earth grip mat, so it allows for easier movement if you're often doing classes that flow more. It's made from non-toxic pvc (6p free) and has a lifetime guarantee.

After you receive your brand new mighty mat, it does have a fairly strong plastic odor, but that goes away within a month. It's also quite heavy (but not like a rubber mat of the same size and thickness).

Buy the Halfmoon Mighty Mat if:

  • You are looking for a mat that can take a beating
  • You like a good balance of grip and smoothness on the surface
  • You like the fact that it has a lifetime guarantee
  • You are looking for a mat with lots of padding

Don't buy the Halfmoon Mighty Mat if:

  • You are looking for a mat made from natural materials
  • You don't want a mat that smells like plastic
  • You want a mat with a lot of traction
  • You are looking for a mat for hot yoga

Click here to purchase the Halfmoon Mighty Mat on Amazon

3. Halfmoon Cylindrical Bolster

Cylindrical bolster

Cover: 100% cotton made in India
Casing: 100% cotton, made in India
Filling: Cotton batting and polyurethane foam, manufactured in Canada
Assembled and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada

These bolsters are made to last. They are firm but soft, durable and strong and they hold their shape well over time. If you are looking for some support in your practice, the cylindrical bolster lifts you off the ground at a nice height and helps you open your chest, spread out your arms and stretch your chest and shoulders.

Buy the Halfmoon Cylindrical Bolster if:

  • You need a bolster or thick pillow 
  • You want something that will last
  • You want a bolster that is firm and soft
  • You like that it's assembled and manufactured in Canada

Don't buy the Halfmoon Cylindrical Bolster if:

  • You would prefer to spend less for inferior quality
  • You are fine if the bolster is made with materials that are not natural
  • You are fine if the bolster is assembled in Asia

Click here to purchase the Halfmoon Cylindrical Bolster on Amazon

4. 6' Loop Yoga Strap  

Loop yoga strap

Material: 100% organic cotton, brushed nickel buckle
Made in: Taiwan

The organic cotton webbing is strong and the nickel sliding buckle holds so strongly that you will have 100% confidence in this strap for all of your yoga needs. You'll never go back to a plastic buckle once you use metal. It feels so much more secure and solid. 

Buy the Halfmoon 6' Yoga Strap if:

  • You are looking for a strap that is strong
  • You prefer a strap made from natural fibers
  • You like that's made from organic materials
  • You want a strap with a strong buckle

Don't buy the Halfmoon 6' Yoga Strap if:

  • You would prefer to pay less
  • You would prefer a strap made from materials that are not natural
  • You are ok with a plastic buckle that isn't as strong

Click here to purchase the Halfmoon 6' Loop Yoga Strap on Amazon

5. Natural Cork Yoga Block  

cork yoga block

Material: 100% natural cork
Dimensions: 3.5" x 5.5" x 9" (9cm x 14cm x 23 cm)
Weight: 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)

We feel that cork is the natural choice when looking for the perfect yoga block. They provide firm, solid support, great traction, last forever and come from a renewable resource. These blocks can be used in a variety of ways, from aiding you in standing poses to lifting you up in reclining, restorative postures. You will feel good buying these beautiful yoga blocks!

Buy the Halfmoon Natural Cork Yoga Block if:

  • You want firm, solid support
  • You like a block that has a little more weight
  • You like that's made from a renewable resource

Don't buy the Halfmoon Natural Cork Yoga Block if:

  • You would prefer to pay less
  • You would prefer a lighter block made from foam
  • You are ok if it's made from a non-renewable resource

Click here to purchase the Halfmoon Natural Cork Block on Amazon


6. Yogasana Handmade Cotton Yoga Mat

Material: 100% cotton
Thickness: 1/5"-1/4" (5-6mm)
Made in: India
Weight: 4.5 lb (2kg)

I was skeptical when I first picked up this yoga mat. I didn't believe that cotton could provide the grip that I need in poses like downward facing dog. But was I ever surprised! Not only does it provide traction, it creates such a nice feel under my hands and feet. And the grip improves when your skin gets sweaty. It's difficult to describe, but it felt like we are meant to do yoga on woven cotton. 

These mats epitomize what yoga is all about. Each one is hand-woven in India, requiring 10 days to make, with 3 days on the loom with a master weaver (the mat even had the signature of the master weaver on it!). They work fantastic no matter where you are - indoors or out - and they won't deteriorate in direct sunlight, like plastic or rubber mats. You can easily wash them in your washing machine in cold water and hang to dry. They come 7 colors, are reversible and are 72" long (4" longer than the standard). They are guaranteed for 15 years and Yogasana claims that they last a lifetime. 

Yogasana helped found the Sustainable Furnishings Council, which is an organization that promotes manufacturing practices that are sustainable. Part of the sale of each yoga mat is used to help with education for the production workers' children.

There are two more considerations when before purchasing this mat. One, the you may need more support for knees and elbows on this mat. It is quite thick but may not provide enough padding. Two, the mat can slide quite easily when on hardwood or similar floors. Adding the $10 Grip it! Pad solved that problem, and added more padding. 

Buy the Yogasana Handmade Cotton Yoga Mat if:

  • You are looking for a mat that has great traction in both wet and dry conditions
  • You like that the mat is made from locally grown cotton, using non-toxic dyes
  • You like that each mat is handmade
  • You think you may enjoy the feel of woven cotton under your hands and feet
  • You like that Yogasana pays their workers more than the prevailing wage and provides healthcare for their families
  • You like that the mat is guaranteed for 15 years
  • You like that it will not smell like rubber or plastic

Don't buy the Yogasana Handmade Cotton Yoga Mat if:

  • You would like a mat with a lot of padding
  • You would prefer not to have a mat that slides on hardwood
  • You think you would prefer the feel or rubber or plastic

Click here to purchase the Yogasana Handmade Cotton Yoga Mat on Amazon

7. Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

Material: Natural tree rubber bottom layer; microfibre from recycled bottles bottom layer
Thickness: 1/8" (3.5mm)
Made in: China
Weight: 4 lb (1.9kg)

There has been a massive influx of hot yoga mats over the past few years. The Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat is specifically made for hot yoga as well, but to us this mat stands out. The first aspect we fell in love with is its support. The bottom layer of the mat is 100% natural tree rubber, which pads knees and elbows and provides great support for standing poses. The top layer is recycled microfiber (from plastic bottles) that has a luxurious feel and fantastic grip when you are sweaty. In fact, the grip increases the more you sweat. 

As you can imagine, keeping the mat clean can be a challenge. Scrubbing by hand would be a lot of work after each class. To ease that burden, this mat can be loaded into the washing machine for a quick clean. It pretty much takes up the whole machine, though, since it's quite heavy.

The main problem that you may encounter is that it takes time to get sweaty enough for the slip-resistant layer to work and if it isn't wet, it is very slippery. Yoga Design Lab addresses this by suggesting that you lightly spraying the mat with a water or wet your hands/feet before beginning class.

Buy the Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat if:

  • You are looking for a mat for hot yoga only
  • You like that is has a natural rubber bottom layer
  • You like that you can put the mat in the washing machine
  • You think you might like a luxurious feel under your hands and feet
  • You don't mind if the mat is a bit on the heavy side

Don't buy the Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat if:

  • You would like to use the mat for non-sweaty classes
  • You don't like the smell of rubber
  • You don't think you will like the feel of microfiber
  • You want a mat that is light

Click here to purchase the Yoga Design Combo Mat on Amazon


Respecterre All Natural Clothing

Respecterre embodies sustainability in all aspects of its clothing production. Respecterre creates, patterns, cuts the fabric, sews and finishes all items they make, using eco-friendly fabrics that are knitted in Canada and dyed using a process (Oeko-Tex100) that is harmless to the environment and human health. 

Their clothing is designed to be both flattering and comfortable, stylish yet understated. Simple by design, the high quality of the fabric gives their clothing a fresh and vibrant look and the soft, natural fibres - such as bamboo, eucalyptus and beech - feel soothing on the skin.

Buy Respecterre Clothing if:

  • You like clothes that are soft, natural and breathe well
  • You like supporting businesses that put sustainability and the environment first
  • You like clothing that has some stretch to it
  • You are looking for clothes to wear while doing yoga
  • You are looking for clothes that can be for fitness or for stylish casual wear

Don't buy Respecterre Clothing if:

  • You prefer polyester
  • You would prefer to spend less on clothing made in Asia
  • You don't care whether a business has sustainable practices

8. Respecterre Women's Carolane Tank 

Material: 94% Modal, 6% spandex
Made in: Canada

Modal is fabric made from beechwood. It's soft, smoothe, breathes well, is stronger than cotton, will not fade, does not plush and will not shrink. This tank top feels wonderful on the skin and sits nicely on the body. It's a great top whether you're working out, playing sports or doing yoga at home or at the studio.

Click here to purchase the Respecterre Women's Carolane Tank from their website

9. Respecterre Women's Virginie Top

Material: 66% bamboo viscose, 28% cotton, 6% spandex 
Made in: Canada
This beautiful shirt is elegant, practical and so very comfortable. Like all of Respecterre's clothing, it feels great against the skin and has a nice way of fitting the body. This shirt can be worn out on the town, for a casual get together, lounging at home or for a yoga practice. It's stretchy, well-made and a lovely design.

Click here to purchase the Respecterre Women's Virginie Top from their website

10. Respecterre Women's Daphne Top

Material: 67% bamboo viscose, 28% organic cotton, 5% spandex
Made in: Canada

Bamboo is soft, breathes well and is anti-odor, antibacterial and anti-UV. You may never want to take this shirt off once you put it on. It fits with comfort, feels good agains the skin and looks beautiful. 

Click here to purchase the Respecterre Women's Daphne Top from their website

OHMME Men's Clothing

Born out of two friends' search for better men's yoga clothing, OHMME makes clothes that are intelligently designed, comfortable and stylish, while emphasizing sustainability and innovation. 

OHMME uses recycled polyester (rPET) and bamboo to make their clothes, keeping bottles and other plastics out of the landfills and producing an end product that is soft, breathes well, moisture wicks and holds its shape. They use GreenDefence, a revolutionary anti-bacterial technology that stops bacterial growth and reduces odors without using harmful chemicals. They also use bluesign, which analyzes each step in the textile supply chain, minimizing their environmental impact.

Buy Ohmme Men's Clothes if:

  • You like clothes that feel soft
  • You like clothes that stretch
  • You like clothes made from a blend natural fibers and polyester
  • You like to support businesses who value sustainability

Don't buy Ohmme Men's Clothing if:

  • You prefer shirts made from polyester, cotton or hemp
  • You prefer shirts that don't stretch
  • You prefer clothes that hold their shape for a long time

11. Ohmme Cobra Men's T-Shirt 

Material: 95% bamboo, 5% spandex
Made in: China

This shirt feels great - it's soft, feels good on the skin, has the perfect amount of stretch and breathes well. Bamboo is a wonderful material for clothing, but it tends to lose its shape quicker than cotton, polyester or hemp. 

Click here to purchase the Ohmme Cobra Men's T-shirt from their website

12. Ohmme Crow Men's Yoga Shorts

Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
Made in: China

These are the ideal yoga shorts. They are comfortable, have the perfect amount of stretch and they hold lightly onto the body just below the knee - which means you never have to adjust them as you move through a yoga flow. 

Click here to purchase the Ohmme Crow Men's Yoga Shorts from their website

13. Ohmme Two Dogs Men's Yoga Shorts 

Material:  95% Polyester, 5% spandex
Made in:  China

These shorts are also fantastic for yoga practice, fitting tightly with an inner lining and loose with the outer shorts. You'll find these work well for a hot yoga practice. 

Click here to purchase the Ohmme Two Dogs Men's Yoga Shorts from their website

14. Smart Yoga by David Moore

Subtitle: Apply the Alexander Technique to Enhance Your Practice, Prevent Injury and Increase Body Awareness
Length: 262 pages

Smart Yoga by David Moore is one of the most inspirational, educational and practical books on yoga that we have ever found. It goes into great depth and is accessible and enlightening to all yoga practitioners, no matter what level you are at. 

The overlap of the Alexander Technique comes alive in David Moore's book, allowing you to see how basic body use and habitual body patterns can play a role in your yoga practice and in your life. David provides clear explanations and sensory cues to help you realize something within yourself that is difficult to explain and experience. It's a magnificent journey for everyone.

 Buy David Moore's Smart Yoga if:

  • You like to learn about fundamental body use and habits
  • You are interested in how you move and hold your body
  • You would like to learn more about the subtleties within body use and yoga
  • You would like to find relief for discomfort or pain 

Don't buy David Moore's Smart Yoga if:

  • You don't want to learn about body use and habits
  • You prefer a yoga book that simply teaches poses and alignment

Click here to purchase Smart Yoga by David Moore from Amazon


We hope this article helped with your shopping needs! Leave a comment below if you have anything to add!

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One more item to the list
JernYoga 9 months ago

Thanks for a great list. I'd add Bluetooth headphones to the list. To me this has made DoYogaWith me even better since I can practice yoga with clear sound with disturbing my family or them disturbing me.

Cheers and keep up your excellent work!

I agree, I use them as well
danielanz 8 months ago

I agree, I use them as well for the same reason and I can focus even better in what is being said rather than trying to look at the screen all the time.

Great suggestions
Ktrirogoff 1 year ago

Thank you for this! I learned about a couple new yoga wear companies. Very happy to have found a men's clothing company

Re: yoga clothing
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Yes, in doing this research we felt the same. It's nice to get to know more companies that make great yoga clothes, particularly for men. Glad you found it helpful.