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About Me: 
Lives in a small European country, wich means that I apologise in advance for my crappy English. Did a lot of yoga three years ago and it was the best time of my life. My yoga-practice faded away as I spent my days working in a place that wasn't good for me. Last spring I got unemployed again and knew that I should start with yoga again to feel better - but I didn't find my old yoga-apps good anymore. Six month went by and my body started to really protest about my lifestyle (aka just stay in the couch and eat sugar). Everyday I had some kind of pain in my upper body and one day I couldn't stand the pain, I had to do something about it and started searching the web for a good yoga-session. I ended up here, and so far I think it's an amazing place to be! My body is in such a bad condition that I only try the easiest sessions now, but I really hope that I can keep up my yoga this time and start to feel good about myself again while I grows towards more challenging classes! Update in January 2018: starting the new year by joining the "Transforming your life" 30 days yoga-challenge. Both nervous and excited about it!