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About Me: 
I live in Franklin, Massachusetts, with my two cats (Cabbage and Miko) and dog (Remi, a tall mixed breed who loves to run). I am a writer and I tutor high school kids. Earlier in my career, I was an editor, communications director, and college professor (adjunct assistant professor level). I studied German and can speak and read it reasonably well, and I hold a PhD in English literature (I love classics and contemporary fiction by women). I have three grown children whom I love spending time with, and I live with my partner Keith in a small house on a small pond that shimmers in the morning. My yoga instructor Jordan Lashley is amazing — check out Burning Wheel Yoga School on YouTube and Facebook. Jordan changed my life. I’ve been doing yoga since 2015 and became serious about it in 2018. I love headstand, plough, and shoulder stand.