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About Me: 
I'm a baby-boomer, a "former" dancer (I can never really say that, much as I can't say "former human!"), presently aiming for certification to teach group fitness. I am married - my husband's a musician and owns/runs a musical instrument retail store. I'm kind of.a homebody, I like sharing food and meaningful conversation with my friends and my small family, and I love to laugh!! I have a grown son (God gave me one kid - good thing he's perfect!) who has recently married, and his wife is a peach, and a delightful addition to my life. I've got 3 cats, too, who like to share my yoga mat with me! I'm a student and follower of Jesus Christ, who informs my decisions and has sustained me through many trials. I was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 56 - it was a relief, an explanation for many of the aforementioned trials, and I have a new hobby as I am learning daily new ways to navigate this thing called life! I'm not that crazy about walks on the beach, but I wouldn't turn one down.