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About Me: 
I started to practice yoga when I was 35. I would take classes from a teacher at a gym once a week for seven years. I certainly gained flexibility, but honestly, I wasn’t well aware of what I was doing with my body, and I felt a bit frustrated because I couldn’t bend it as much as I would like. It all changed when I stopped taking yoga classes, and I started to follow some youtube yoga channels such as Yoga with Kassandra, The Journey Junkie, or Five Parks Yoga. I began to practice yoga every single day at home, and in nine months, both my flexibility and strength made a huge breakthrough. Now I am aware of what I need to improve, and I still struggle with some things like middle splits or shoulder opening. Yoga helps me have a strong and flexible body, and I always keep in mind what my former teacher told me once: "yoga is for a lifetime." So thanks to yoga, I'll be able to keep a strong and young body even when I'm old.