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About Me: 
I am an older woman, on a journey searching for sustainable ways to support, heal, nourish and grow within myself, so that I in turn can live life with gratitude and grace and have some energy to share and support my family and loved ones. I have learned so much in these past years , as my kids have evolved from dependents to adults and i have had more of an opportunity to consider ( and feel) what my needs and wants are. I have been using the Do Yoga site for several years (was a monthly member for sometime but my card expired ) and have found it to be such an incredible tool in my maintanence, so much easier to fit my schedule and budget and have truly appreciated the different teaching styles of the various instructors, each offering something alittle different to consider in my practice. I have come to acknowledge, accept and now embrace that I am a highly sensitive person and that yoga is as essential for my well being as eating and sleeping, if I want to thrive in this world at this time.