Dayna Every, Student, Netherlands

I would just like to thank you guys. This site is amazing. I started doing yoga thru this website in the beginning of this year and i love it so much now.
Keep up the great work.

Sarah Stickney, Teacher and Poet, Italy

I just wanted to say thank you for this site. I'm a poet/translator/student, and I often don't have the money to take a yoga class, but don't quite have the oooomph to do it on my own. Your beautiful videos allow me to go to a top-notch class for free! I so appreciate the care and integrity that you bring to your work. Namaste!

Guruji Patil, Banglore, India

Today I visited your site.The quantity & quality of resources in this site are awesome. I hearty appreaciate your efforts to spread this ancient Indian Yoga techniques. And some of the new exercises are aslo good. Overall great place to learn Yoga freely.

Keep up the good work.

Dianne Arthur

Thanks to your “doyogawithme.com” videos, you have brought yoga into more lives. The videos were so helpful and so easy for the women to follow, and all of them were beginners in Yoga. Thank you David, for your guidance and help in making this year’s retreat such an enlightening journey into something so self-motivating and healthy (mind and body) for all of us . I cannot thank you enough!

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