J.Pierce, Clinical Lab Scientist, Houston, Texas

The Site is Great!!!
I really enjoy the way you break down the poses and practices by level and body part. That way I can focus on each one as I learn to incorporate them into my practice...Thanks.

Tara, English Teacher, Peru (from USA)

So happy!
I would just like to thank you so much for this website. As a devoted yogi on a strict budget, it is so difficult to find quality videos that are free to the public, let alone as accessible as this.
I'm sure this was not an easy task starting up this site, but it is so worth it! You really are spreading the word and love of yoga!
Thanks again!

Agatha Kailua, Fashion Design Merchandising Manager, Oahu, Hawaii

I can't thank you enough!
You have made life so much easier: no more rushing to classes after work, no more missed family time (I can practice in the same room!) No more the same old routine. You are the best! :)

Bettina, Montreal, Canada.

I have explored many different exercise programs online and yours is by far the best. I came across it by chance really. I've been sticking to the beginner gentle yoga so far and it has helped me a lot with back and knee pain due to short leg syndrome. Thank you for making it free, as I am unable to pay for yoga classes here as they are expensive for someone on a very limited budget.
Thank you/ Merci!

Jo O'Hagan, Marketing Manager, Ireland

Thank you so much for doyogawithme! It has transformed my yoga practise. I suffer from lower back pain and have always been told to stretch regularly. Going to my weekly yoga class definitely helped relieve some of my back pain but I never managed to practise and stretch in between classes...I always forgot postures and didn't have the focus to practise on my own. With the doyogawithme online classes I have been able to practise regularly at home and my back pain and flexibility have improved dramatically. It is such a fantastic free resource and I love being able to choose a class that suits my mood and energy levels. Thanks for sharing with everyone and keep up the good work...I'll be spreading the word.

Shannon, High School Teacher, Phoenix, AZ, USA

I wanted to thank you SOOOOO much for this site!!! I've been doing yoga for 3 months now, at home, and just recently discovered you. I can't afford to go to a studio and it's easier for me to do yoga at home at a time when it's convenient for me. I love the instructors, the classes and the variety. I'm working on getting the advanced poses down, but keep falling over :-(

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