Tanya, Baker, Nova Scotia, Canada

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the developer, maintainer and all contributors of this website. It is such an amazing tool and wealth of information. I am new to yoga but this site has already changed my life in a profound matter. Thank you for providing me with the appropriate tools to recognize the need for change within myself.

Thank you from the center of my being,


Jodie, Full-time mom, East Kootenays, BC, Canada

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website. I have two little kids so it is hard to find the time and money to get to yoga classes. I have the experience to do a yoga practice myself but just find it so wonderful to be guided along sometimes. There are so many great classes to choose from that I've only just begun, plus I've just discovered the meditations and breathing exercises! Thanks again, I've shared the site with many!


Stephanii, Shiatsu Therapist, Victoria, BC, Canada

Love love love your site. This is such a great resource. I really support what you are doing. It's such a great idea and so accessible/user friendly.

I think you guys are my new heros!


Nashira, Environmental Educator, Victoria, BC, Canada

What an incredible resource! This is the website I have been searching for. Thank you for providing this and making it available for home practice.


Chris, Student, Virginia, USA

First of all, I must give you an enormous amount of respect for putting this website together. I am a chronic sufferer of muscular discomfort and pain. I have been to chiropractors numerous times and paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to only feel slight relief. I stumbled across this site a while back and began doing the deep release class for the hamstrings, lower back, and hips -- this class has given me almost complete relief from my lower back pain and has increased flexibility in my hips and hamstrings exponentially.
Keep up the good work,


Melissa, Teacher, California, USA

Since discovering your site a few months ago I have truly enjoyed the resources you provide. Every video offers high quality instruction for a range of abilities and needs. Whether I'm in the mood for a gentle stretch or a challenging Vinyasa flow, your site has it and for free! I just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome addition to my yoga practice!

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