Barbara, Attorney, Oregon, USA

I just found your site and am SO impressed. Wow - fantastic quality videos and a very good vibe. I've been working out for years, but yoga is fairly new for me. I felt like I needed to incorporate some balance into my cardio and weight training - as well as adding the good stretch that yoga gives ( not getting any younger.) I belong to a great athletic club in Portland that has very good yoga classes, but it's so nice to have the option to pick and choose from your site. Thank you so much for this great resource!

Katie, Minnesota, USA, Student

Thank you so much for all of your awesome yoga classes.  I am so, so incredibly thankful that you are sharing these - for free, no less!!  You have launched an active person's lifestyle into a whole new realm.  Your videos are of such fabulous quality and the instructors are absolutely incredible.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Grace, Art Restorer and Decorator, Italy

You're making me happy! Can't anymore live without yoga practice...and at the same time I'm practiseing, I emproove my english!!!!!!
Kisses from Italy

J.Pierce, Clinical Lab Scientist, Houston, Texas

The Site is Great!!!
I really enjoy the way you break down the poses and practices by level and body part. That way I can focus on each one as I learn to incorporate them into my practice...Thanks.

Tara, English Teacher, Peru (from USA)

So happy!
I would just like to thank you so much for this website. As a devoted yogi on a strict budget, it is so difficult to find quality videos that are free to the public, let alone as accessible as this.
I'm sure this was not an easy task starting up this site, but it is so worth it! You really are spreading the word and love of yoga!
Thanks again!

Agatha Kailua, Fashion Design Merchandising Manager, Oahu, Hawaii

I can't thank you enough!
You have made life so much easier: no more rushing to classes after work, no more missed family time (I can practice in the same room!) No more the same old routine. You are the best! :)

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