Erica, Thai Massage and Yoga, Victoria, BC

I did the 30-minute shoulder opener class, then moved on to the 60-minute class, every day for about 4 months. In that time I saw huge changes in my body, in my range of motion and in my spine. I had a couple of really big emotional releases (lots of tears) that allowed me to finally let go of some emotional baggage i had been carrying for many, many years. It was such a relief to have that weight lifted from my shoulders. Even through the tears, I knew it was a good - great! - thing. And I now feel much taller, I have more control in my thoracic spine (for healthier, safer back bends) and more freedom to move.

Thanks again for all the great work with your site. I just used my business card (which is a handy way to do it, too) to write the site name on the back for one of my students who is seeking help for her hamstrings!
Many thanks and namaste.


Michael, Strategy Consultant, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am an American out in Sao Paulo Brazil working for a couple of years. Where I living public transport is unreliable and yoga studios in my neighborhood are obscenely expensive, particularly after you consider that I am already paying for a gym membership. Your website has been a godsend, and the easy and accessibility of yoga at home has increased the amount that I practice. In fact, your videos are now part of my daily wakeup routine in addition to using them on non-gym days or after my runs in the park. You now have a proud monthly member on your hands.

Now if I could only get out of this concrete jungle to the natural beauty of British Colombia.



Dorrie, Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, Virginia, USA

Thank you for sharing these videos with the world. Great teachers and wonderful settings make for an enriching experience. I like that there are some long and short classes so I can choose one that parallels my day.


Laura, Music Teacher, Montana, USA

I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic website. I have just started discovering the classes and so far the ones I have tried I have loved. Thank you for providing this service. I travel a lot and this is perfect for on the go.

Your site is beautiful on my iPad in the states!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents.


Noelle, Attorney & Mom, MA.

I want to thank you for the two new awesome Intermediate classes with Fiji. So great to learn some new different poses and really work a bit harder. The foot balance class is exactly what I was looking for to help me strengthen my weak ankles for snowboarding. Love it. And I've just discovered Kim's fusion class - it's great. She has such a supportive comforting demeanor - I'd love more Intermediate classes with her as well! Thanks again for these great classes, I do make a point to pass the word to friends about DoYogaWithMe.Com


Rodney, Musician, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I haven't been able to afford yoga classes for awhile due to being on disability. Your site is wonderful and has enhanced the quality of my life by making yoga available to me. I can't thank you enough.

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