Finished the 30 Day Challenge? Now What?

Finished the 30 day challenge? Now What?

Are you wondering what to do after completing our Transform Your Life 30-Day Yoga Challenge at the end of this month? 

If you are, then first of all congratulations! It’s quite a feat following through on a daily practice for a whole month. Secondly, there is not doubt in our minds that you are looking for more, because a daily yoga practice - especially over a 30-day period - builds momentum. You feel the momentum inside your skin and bones, inside your nervous system and your heart, and the only thing your body and mind want now is more! More yoga!

The euphoria and well-being that are often a part of every practice keeps you coming back to your mat. The increased flexibility and improved balance and strength are welcome benefits, but there is nothing like feeling so good in your body that you smile all day long. Yoga has a way of getting deep into the dirt and grit of who you are, loosening it up and washing it out with a breath of fire, breath of joy, lion’s pose, or 108 sun salutations. It’s cleansing to the soul and deeply fulfilling.

Over the long term, a regular yoga practice becomes a very important part of your everyday life, driven by the desire to feel good, live life fully and to have the energy to take on whatever tasks are before you.

So, to those who want to continue after our 30-Day Yoga Challenge, look no further. We have the answer for you. In fact, we have three options; two for intermediate level yogis and one for beginners.

Our first intermediate option is Fiji's 14-Day Yoga Challenge, which are 14 class videos that are not found anywhere else on the site. She designed and filmed the 14 classes specifically to grow and expand your practice as you continue with a commitment to daily yoga.

The other two options are curated programs - one intermediate and one beginner - that were designed to help you maintain a strong, healthy yoga practice, while also giving the body ample opportunity to recover from challenging classes. Each program is 30 days long and features 3 weekly yoga classes and one guided audio meditation. As with the 30-Day Challenge, you will experience a gradual progression over time, becoming stronger and more flexible, while comitting to a regular practice that is not overwhelming. 

The intermediate program is called Energize Your Body and Mind and the beginner program is called Beginner Yoga for Strength and Flexibility. Click on the links below to head to your preferred program or check out the full list of our programs on our Yoga Programs page.

Intermediate Option 1: Fiji's 14-Day Yoga Challenge

Intermediate Option 2: Energize Your Body and Mind

Beginner Option: Beginner Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

If you like what we do, please consider a donation or becoming a subscriber. Subscribers receive access to exclusive yoga videos and your contribution helps us to create free yoga content for others who can't afford it. We are also adding additional exclusive content to our subscribers including Yoga Challenges and Yoga Programs.


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sandy0331 3 years ago

I started your website on April 22nd with the 30 day challenge. It is now almost 2 months later. I have been told, I have a glow, I look great, I look peaceful, I look younger etc.

Now for how I feel. I am 51 and my last exercise was High school gym class. This website and all of you amazing teachers have made me smile every day. My body feels great, I feel comfortable, I feel lost without doing yoga every day. I am still doing beginner classes, with a couple of intermediate thrown in. Peaceful, calmer, stronger, more flexible, able to leap tall buildings,.. oops not that last one. Thank you is not strong enough to let you all know how you have changed my life. Thank you, thank you! Namaste.

David Procyshyn 3 years ago

Wow, that's amazing! I love it. Thank you for expressing your gratitude and for sharing.

Big smiles!

mireaux 3 years ago

I'd absolutely love an advanced option for the 30 day challenge. Any plans for this in the future?

David Procyshyn 3 years ago

We don't have plans for it at the moment, but if we have enough interest we could do it next January.

LucyHB 3 years ago

I would love an advanced version of the 30 day challenge! Or a challenge with advanced options on at least some of the days. I followed up the 30 day challenge by challenging myself to do all the advanced classes on the site :-) End of February and I still haven't missed a day of yoga this year thanks to your fantastic site and the great start to 2017 that this challenge provided.

jerihans 3 years ago

I enjoyed and benefited so much from this 30 day challenge! All due to the wonderful instructors. They are so different; another benefit as I explored different facets of yoga with them. All the instructors in this challenge should take a bow.

jisaksen 3 years ago

Thanks so much for your yogic generosity! I couldn't have started the year off any better. I did the 30 beginner and then launced directly into the 30 intermediate!! Didn't want to miss a day. Thanks so much for also providing 3 new offerings and making them available for throughout the year. You are, hands down, the very best yoga site on the Internet!!

Rbreid73 3 years ago

Not only has yoga got under my skin, but your blog post has also got into my inner thoughts. I have practiced yoga for a few years now, more frequently over the past two years since using DYWM and attending classes. I've never felt the way this past 30 days has made me feel about my yoga practice. I came into the month, as a tired, stressed, relatively new Dad of 8 month old twins. For 7 months, I had struggled to incorporate yoga into my daily routine. This challenge spurred me to get up at silly o' clock every day in the UK pre-babies waking to do the challenges. I started a little late, and spent the last few days doing multiple classes a day. I just couldn't get enough. A yoga teacher friend told me to practice yoga as long as it's not a burden. I can hand on heart say that it was never a burden, but a total joy to practice, even the shortest of classes. I've now progressed to the intermediate programme and look forward to my daily 'yoga fix'. Thanks David, Melissa, Satiya, Sarah Jane, Dawn, Fiji, Tracey, Rachel and all of the other teachers. You are doing something very special.

David Procyshyn 3 years ago

You're welcome! It took me a while to take that in - hence the delayed response. I appreciate you taking the time to share and I'm happy to hear that what we're doing is helping you!

designerdanib 3 years ago

David & DoYogaWithMe Team:

Thank you so much for starting off 2017 in such a wonderful spirit. I have already begun the 14 day yoga challenge with Fiji because I couldn't get enough after 30 days of practice. My only questions is: If I want to take up the second 30 day challenge in April, and repeat in July through October, will these classes still be available?

brian.simser@gm... 3 years ago

Hi David, I really enjoyed the 30 day practice.. thank you and your team so much! I’m fortunate enough to be heading to Costa Rica for February to do my YTT so I won’t have time to do these post options. So, I have 2 questions; Can I purchase the 30 day collection as a bundle and will the post options be available in March?


David Procyshyn 3 years ago

Hi, Brian. Yes, the challenge will be available in March. Do you want to purchase all 30 videos?

Tracey Newton 3 years ago

David and team. Thanks for thinking ahead for us all and giving us something more to challenge ourselves and feed the yoga appetite. Wonderful !