Our Musicians

Jami Sieber

Jami Sieber

I studied classical cello from the age of 7 and played in various orchestras and ensembles. My father was also involved in jazz and loved all kinds of music so I have been influenced over the years by many styles of music. I never studied music composition formally and have only relied on an intuitive sense of composition. I have played most of my years since high school in ensembles that require a spirit of improvisation that then gives rise to composition. It is a wonderful way to create. I am inspired by nature, by life, by emotion, by life's transitions, by anything that engages the soul.

My music is a fusion of classical, world, ambient, and improvisational instrumental. It is timeless, evocative and holds lush melodies and rhythms.

Music has helped me to listen more deeply. Music has helped me get in touch with my deepest soul and expression. Music has opened doors to experiences that I would have never had if I weren't a musician. Music has helped me live from a place of adventure - dancing in the world of the unknown and not being terrified by it. I have been given the opportunity to create with dancers and healers, and in the world of theater and film, and have played with musicians from all walks of life. My life is more rich because of music.

Website: www.jamisieber.com

Rara King-Harris

Rara King-Harris, The Desert Dwellers

I began training with private guitar teachers at the age of 15. I had a few before attending music school and my most favorite was East Coast blues legend Dennis Parker. I spent three years at Malaspina University on Vancouver Island studying Jazz, Classical and Ethnic music with a secondary focus on studio engineering and digital music production. After graduating I moved to Los Angeles and studied with some of the best underground DJ/producers in the electronic music scene. That was where I truly learned how to make music that had depth, passion and grace.

My early inspirations were mostly from 60's and 70's psychedelic rock - Jimi Hendrix was my first true guru. I've had many, many influences but some other notables are Philip Glass, Miles Davis, Talvin Singh, Thievery Corporation, Kruder & Dofrmeister, Trentemoller, Deaadmau5, Bluetech, Phutureprimitive and the list really goes on forever.

My music is a fusion of many different genres, styles, ethnicities and is ultimately genre-blending and difficult to classify in writing because of the number of vibes and sounds I pull from. What I'm most interested in is making music that penetrates into the inner world of the listener, allows them to relax, or become energized and ultimately supports them in whatever it is they're doing - whether it be practicing yoga, working, relaxing or making love.

Music has given me a path to walk on, has healed me from my most intense wounds, brought me community, given me a career, taken me to amazing places on the planet, connected me to what I feel is the most spiritual presence in my life, and humbled me into a place of true devotion.

Being a creative artist is a difficult but highly worthy path. While it's rife with pitfalls and often times completely undervalued, it's true value is beyond comparison.

Website: www.desertdwellers.org



Chris has been studying percussion since he bought his first drum kit in 1987. He has been making music as Maseev since 1995. He also leads Masala, a 12-person percussion ensemble, plays hand drums in kirtan as often as possible, and is a member of Imps(s), an acoustic improvised soundscape band.

The beats in Maseev are heavily inspired by the rhythms of West Africa, Cuba, and Brazil. The textures are primarily inspired by the natural world. The melodies are inspired by Chris' mood, although he aspires to not take them too seriously.

The drive to make music has not been sought or chosen, only indulged. If used properly, music is a gateway drug to deep contentedness.

Website: www.maseev.com


Jeremy Dyen (Amrita)

Jeremy Dyen (piano, keyboards, tabla, percussion and electronics) and Thomas Wave (guitar, sitar, didgeridoo, etc.) are Amrita. Thomas trained on sitar in Calcutta, India and has played all over the world in Yoga studios, retreats and concerts. Jeremy Dyen studied tabla in India with Pandit Nayan Ghosh and in Philadelphia with Lenny Seidman. He has performed worldwide and has appeared on Grammy Award winning CDs.

While Amrita's music style draws from Indian folk and classical forms mixed with various American styles, our inspiration comes from all over. Life inspires us to create and play. We are constantly inspired by our peers as well!

Amrita plays in a musical style we call Global Time Travel, a fusion of old and new, East and West, urban and rural, combining classical and folk elements from India with contemporary American popular, folk, meditation and dance music, as well as other world traditions.

Music is a deep form of expression. It is a release. At the same time it is based in discipline and constant growth, as well as acceptance. Perhaps most of all music is a form of connection since we are able to communicate and relate to listeners.

We invite curious listeners to visit and become more intimate with us at our website. You can also grab lots of our music for free there.

Website: amritamusic.net