Energize Your Body and Mind


Intermediate | 30 days | 13 classes | 3 classes/week | 4 meditations | 1 meditation/week

The 30 days of regular practice that you will be committing to by doing this program can have a positive impact on your life, relationships and well-being. This program helps you release stress from your body and feel more energized and positive, while clearing your mind of fears and insecurities. The classes in this program range from gentle to challenging intermediate classes and are offered by a number of different teachers teaching a wide range of styles and class lengths. The quality of instruction is consistent, as is the clear and precise guidance. You may find yourself feeling too tired or stressed to do one class every two days, but you will thank yourself for pressing play every time, since each class will help you feel more energetic, full of life and peace of mind.

Note: the links to the guided audio meditations/relaxations take you to an album containing multiple tracks, and from there you can choose the track you would like to listen to. 

Day 1 or 2

Day 1 or 2Gently Into Power. 68:20. Ron Stewart
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

This is a perfect class to begin a new, dedicated month of practice. Full of smooth transitions and a wonderful feeling of gentle flow, this class builds gradually toward a feeling of power, strength and deeper release. 


Day 3 or 4

Day 3 or 4Beginner Basics in Flow. 75:23. Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

This is a great class to re-establish the fundamentals of a vinyasa yoga practice, and ideal for the beginning of a month-long dedicated practice. In this all-levels vinyasa yoga class, Fiji slows down the flow to spend more time with proper alignment and core activation. As you will see in the comments section below the video, although this class is called a beginner yoga class, it is not easy. There are longer holds and a number of more challenging poses than you would find in a beginner class.

Day 5 or 6

Day 5 or 6Foundations in Flow. 48:44. Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

This was the very first class that Fiji filmed for DoYogaWithMe. The pacing, music and the meditative feel make this class one of her most popular still today. With poses like warrior 3, halfmoon, wheel, standing hand to toe, as well as deep twists and core work, this is a challenging and deeply fulfilling vinyasa power class.


Day 7

Day 7Chakra Practice. 42:55. Jennifer Piercy
(The link will take you to an album with multiple tracks where you can choose the track you would like to play)

Yoga nidra is a great way to improve sleep, focus and the ability to rest and relax. Jennifer's calm, peaceful voice and guidance will help you relax, sink into your body and experience the chakras in a way that you haven't until now. 



Day 8 or 9

Day 8 or 9Natarajasana: Dance of the Divine. 68:18. Shivani Wells
Difficulty: Intermediate

Week two presents more challenges and deeper openings in the body. In Shivani's popular Dance of the Divine, you'll feel the intentional build toward dancer's pose (natarajasana), as she takes you through gentle, then more challenging ways to open up the hip flexors and lower back so that the peak pose will feel more accessible once you get there.

Day 10 or 11

Day 10 or 11Grace with Gravity. 49:43. Ron Stewart
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

Ron's flows are often loved by people who like to be in constant motion and this class is no exception. Even when exploring balance through dancer's pose, tree and other foot balances, he embraces the movement that is always there. This is a fun class that will challenge you in so many ways.


Day 12 or 13

Day 12 or 13Sweet Little Heart Openers. 31:09. Crista Shillington
Difficulty: Intermediate

This intelligently designed class targets the key muscle groups that, when flexible, allow the body to move into a backbend and the heart to open. Crista's creative transitions, holistic approach and positive energy will keep you inspired, as she makes her way to deeper backbends and surprises you with poses you may not expect, like twists and deeper stretches for the hips and lower back.

Day 14

Day 28Lightness of Being. 19:06. David Procyshyn
(The link will take you to an album with multiple tracks where you can choose the track you would like to play)

David uses relaxation techniques and visualization to encourage your whole body to relax and feel light, renewed and awakened. 



Day 15 or 16

Day 15 or 16Renewing Power in Flow: Foot Balances. 63:20. Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

Week three is all about firing up the energy through core work, breathing and challenging pose sequences. In Renewing Power, Fiji's unique transitions and positive energy will make you smile, even during the hard moments, like the many foot balances, core work, 8-angle pose or wheel. It's fun, hard and, because there is no music motivating you, you may need to rely more on your inner strength.

Day 17 or 18

Day 17 or 18Fire it Up! 37:15. Crista Shillington
Difficulty: Intermediate

Crista fires up your energy with a vigorous power yoga flow that includes kapalabhati, backbends, hip openers, twists, crow pose to headstand, and finishes with the alternate nostril breath. It's a complete class that will leave you feeling bright, happy and full of vitality!


Day 19 or 20

Day 19 or 20Multilevel Morning Flow. 75:41. Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Intermediate

This was one of our early classes and Fiji shines once again. In this class she makes each pose accessible to everyone by providing options, as she flows with a group of her students through a fun vinyasa flow class on the beach, next to the ocean waves.


Day 21

Day 21The Hollows. 38:40. Jennifer Piercy
(The link will take you to an album with multiple tracks where you can choose the track you would like to play)

Jennifer's skill with guided meditation and relaxation, along with her calming voice, make her the perfect person to help you rest, recover and integrate all of the benefits of a dedicated yoga practice. The Hollows is a guided yoga nidra practice that gently takes you deeper into self awareness and relaxation.


Day 22 or 23

Day 22 or 23Backbending from the Base - Intermediate Class. 39:28. Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

Week four brings us back to the earth, establishing a stable connection to our feet and our hands. In Backbending from the Base, Fiji works carefully to establish a foundation through core strength and alignment before moving you through gradually deeper backbends. The meditative flow, the ocean background and Jami Sieber's beautiful music make this a wonderful total experience. 

Day 24 or 25

Day 24 or 25A Flow for Courage. 106:29. Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Intermediate

This is not only a long class, it's a full, thorough, deep release for so many areas of the body, including poses like triangle, the warriors, dancer's pose and wonderful binds and twists. While weaving into the class the theme of courage, Tracey takes more time in poses to allow you - and five of her students - to get established, work hard on staying focused and sink deeper into the stretch. 

Day 26 or 27

Day 26 or 27A Vinyasa Class for Shifting Perspective. 35:28. Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Intermediate

It only takes 20 minutes for Tracey to reach one of yoga's more challenging arm balance poses - eight angle pose (astavakrasana). Knowing that this pose requires significant hip flexibility, Tracey arrives there through a fun vinyasa flow and poses like crow pose, warrior 3, revolved triangle, hip stretchs and a few delicious twists. 


Day 28

Day 14Total Body Relaxation I. 56:05. David Procyshyn
(The link will take you to an album with multiple tracks where you can choose the track you would like to play)

There are four options for this total body relaxation, from this one, which is the longest, to IV, which as 20 minutes long. It's best to begin with Total Body Relaxation I, since it can take time to establish the awareness and focus that it takes to sink deeply. If you don't have enough time, choose one of the shorter ones.


Day 29 or 30

Day 29 or 30Power to Paradise. 59:11. Rachel Scott
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

The program ends with Rachel Scott and a smart sequence that ends in a very challenging peak pose, bird of paradise. The flow of this class follows a nice, intermediate hatha pace, progressing gradually toward more difficult poses and greater demands on your body. Rachel's knowledge, attention to detail and clear description will show you how to access poses you may never have done before - not only bird of paradise but also a very challenging arm balancing pose called eka pada koundinyasana. 



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