Yoga for the Upper Back

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This class is a deep release for the shoulders and upper back, making it perfect for a variety of people, including musicians, new parents, office workers and athletes. It targets all of the muscles connecting to the upper back and shoulders, providing relief from tightness, aches and pain... all in less than 40 minutes!

Equipment: Strap
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work, Yoga for Back Care


PaperMelodies 5 years ago

Firstly thank you deeply for this class David. The majority of my work has me sitting at a computer a lot so I find this class great for getting some mobility and strength through my upper body to help my posture.
I have some questions about the pose where we bring our elbows together under our chin, palms together and fold forward.
When I try to perform the movement I find I can't get very low without getting a pinching pain in my right shoulder. Spreading my elbows apart a little helps avoid it. I'm young (22) and have never had an injury here so should I alter this like I've mentioned or just try to perform it more gently? My other question was: Is there a name for this pose?

Thank you again :)

surf7997 5 years ago

I have L3 and L5 herniated discs in my lower back. I'm trying to avoid surgery. My doctor wants me to start stretching. I noticed several of the poses in this video are ones my doctor wants me to do. I gave it a try and enjoyed it. This was my first attempt at yoga. It gave me some relief in my upper back. Thanks for the video.

Monpraon 5 years ago

Thank you so much. It's a wonderful upper back and shoulder practice!

yogibear9000 5 years ago is by far the best online yoga site I have ever used, and I have tried A LOT of different online yoga. David knows his stuff, and once again gifts us with very applicable and practical yoga that is sure to help anyone suffering from upper back pain.

As a quick side note: you might want to sit on a block while doing this class. I found that helped me a lot! Thanks David! Never stop doing this!

inferno 5 years ago

Great class to release the tension in my back after sitting at my dest all day!

Mama Nō Ka ʻOi 5 years ago

I had not surfed in awhile and woke up feeling a lot of soreness in my upper back and arms. This practice really helped to open up the muscles and relieve a lot of tension. I felt a huge difference after and would highly recommend this video to other surfers or people needing to stretch out sore back and arm muscles. Mahalo

Jan Workington 5 years ago

This is an amazing class. I feel so great... calm, relaxed and my shoulder, neck and back feel so much looser. Thank you David!

christinamackie 6 years ago

Thank you! This brought immediate relief from upper back discomfort and pain I've had for days. Your yoga videos have helped my pinched nerve issue over the past year. Thank you!

Sam_N 6 years ago

Hey, Thanks for the great videos. I have a case of tennis elbow or also called forearm tendonitis. Pretty much the extensors are inflammed and I have very weak grip because of it. Also my upper back seems to have some tightness and pain. Would you recommend this program to help heal my tennis elbow?

David Procyshyn 6 years ago

Hi Sam.

Thanks for the question.

I would think that this class would help with the your tendonitis and tightness in your upper back. I would recommend seeing a doctor or physiotherapist first to see if it's suitable for you. If you are unable to and would prefer to try the class, do it gently the first time, to see how your body responds.

I hope that helps.

David Founder