Yoga for Toddlers: Full Sequence

Alyssa Jean Klazek
Instructor Alyssa Jean Klazek
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This is the complete yoga sequence for toddlers, putting together Alyssa Jean's five shorter classes she dedicates to standing poses, seated poses, balance, breathing and relaxation. Your toddler will love the fun, the play, the music, the imagination and the quiet time. You may also appreciate someone else taking over your parenting duties for 20 minutes!

Equipment: None
Style: Yoga for Kids


preetik 1 year ago

This was by far the best toddler yoga class I have ever seen! My 3 year old son and I had so much fun, and at the end he proclaimed 'that was the bestest ever'. Thank you Alyssa, we loved your style and beautiful voice, can't wait to see more videos by you :) xx

KirstenL 1 year ago

My son is almost 3 and we tried this sequence for the first time today. He really enjoyed watching it and even tried some of the poses/actions! What a great way to introduce little ones to yoga in the comfort of your own home. We will definitely be doing this class again - especially when we are stuck at home this winter.

LaGuiri 2 years ago

My child is 18 months old and since he was born I've had very little motivation to do yoga. I've used the short sections of yoga with toddlers, and the other video of yoga with older children, letting my baby just watch and imitate me if he wants to. I don't encourage him to follow the poses. Sometimes he imitates me, or dances with the songs, or just wants to play with me. It makes me go back to yoga in a way that's fun and motivating instead of focusing on what I've lost both physically and mentally, and it's one of the best "games" I can play with my son. I hope to watch more videos by Alyssa. Thank you so much.

elivensparger 2 years ago

At the end my daughters wish was to be a yoga teacher so big thanks over here

sheppard5507 2 years ago

Thank you for releasing videos for toddlers and young children! I have tried this with my little ones and they followed along with some of the video (this is the best I can hope for at their ages). This is a big help as I try and introduce mindfulness to my kids.