Yoga for Self-Compassion

Yoga for Self-Compassion

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Instructor Ron Stewart
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This class is a more challenging beginner yoga flow that invites you to cultivate self compassion. Coming from a “no pain no gain” culture, many of us benefit from being reminded that practicing yoga with mindfulness towards experiencing pleasure in the body can be a more effective way to calm the nervous system while building strength and alignment. Also, practicing with pleasure offers us a body felt understanding which teaches us the option of bringing more pleasure into our lives off the mat.

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Perfect for me right now!
KBQ 1 week ago

Thanks for this class, Ron. I'm slowly coming back to yoga after my first ever (and hopefully not first of many!) slipped disc last month. I've been doing yoga with Fiji for several years now and have had to practice a bit of humilty and compassion with the impatient parts of me striving to get back into that more vigourous flow. The concept and meditative words alongside this self compassion practice has been just what I need. Love the pleasure principle, and I'll be doing more of Ron's classes from now on!

unclejuice19 1 week ago

That was a gratifying experience... keeping the energy light and comfortable. Thank you friend!

First class with Ron
joycemarie4ecology 2 weeks ago

I feel wonderful! Thank you, Ron! Just what I needed. "More challenging beginner yoga" is accurate - perfect for me as I ease back into my practice after several years of neglect. This class is a perfect blend of balance, strength, stretch and meditation. Well done.

Ron—this class came at just
Goliath1 2 weeks ago

Ron—this class came at just the right time for me. I found that I was becoming critical of myself because I was struggling with some of the classes offered as part of the 21 day strengthening challenge. I tuned into your class and felt so refreshed by your reminders about self-care, pleasure and enjoyment. It really helped me to reset my attitude and focus: Thank you for such a lovely and inspiring class.

Nicholet 2 weeks ago

This class was indeed a pleasure. I just completed this practice before bedtime. Lovely.
The pleasure focus is an important reminder for practice. Thank you Ron. I always enjoy your classes, whatever level. I am happy to see new classes from you.

Iris Nez 3 weeks ago

So appreciative of the intention setting at the beginning of this class, and of the teacher's eloquence & authenticity. Thank you!

Appreciate this concept
deborahcb 3 weeks ago

I struggle to let go of the need to be busy, to accomplish more and to push my body to get stronger. Thank you for this reminder to give ourselves the gift of compassion, release and tenderness.

Excellent Class
FutureGhost13 3 weeks ago

I always love Ron's classes. He's got a great way of gently reminding you that it's okay not to be perfect, and that yoga is a life practice, not just an 'exercise routine' or an attempt to do the most difficult poses perfectly. I will definitely be doing this class again. Thank you, Ron!

Pleasant and thoughtful
ljh101 3 weeks ago

A pleasant and thoughtful class. I especially like the "corkscrew arms" stretch. Thanks!

Cat style pleasure Yoga
Melanie Lichtinger 3 weeks ago

Loved the gentle, compassionate, pleasure directed Cat style yoga with Ron.
Beautiful balance to the accomplishment driven world 'out there'.
Feeling overall calm and relaxed now - which ironically / funny enough - heeds better aligned 'results' - with pleasure. :-)