Yoga for Self-Compassion

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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This class is a more challenging beginner yoga flow that invites you to cultivate self compassion. Coming from a “no pain no gain” culture, many of us benefit from being reminded that practising yoga in a way that helps us honor the experience pleasure in the body can be a more effective way to calm the nervous system, while still building strength and alignment. This class can also help you appreciate the experience of pleasure in your daily life.

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


dipatru 3 weeks ago

Wow--this is a wonderfully calming and grounding practice. I love Ron Stewart and would appreciate more classes from him.

nicholem8710 3 weeks ago

This practice brought me to an earthshattering realization: I NEVER smile during my yoga sessions, even though I would swear to anyone that yoga is the most enjoyable time of my day and my favorite form of exercise. About halfway through this practice, I found myself not only smiling but having FUN playing with my body's movement! I plan to take this with me as I continue to expand my yoga practice; I will find opportunities for joy and fun in my practice, rather than focusing so hard on doing it "right"! Thank you so much for this practice!

tarastarbird 1 month ago

This practice was exactly what I needed after a couple days of self-loathing, grief and attempting to heal and self-reflect. I LOVE how Ron leads a very Tantric practice, using sound vibration through vocalization, triggering the body to relax, express and sense more deeply. This is my second class of his online and I plan to take more. I really appreciate what he says at the end of savasana about not always leading with the eyes. For years I have practiced this method of coming out of savasana back to a seat, keeping the head heavy (until fully seated) and the eyes closed throughout transition and until the finish of class. I find that using proprioception and listening for the sound of the teacher's voice to orient and navigate is essential for staying in that meditative state through to the very end. There is so much input through the eyes that it quickly engages the brain and takes us away from our "feeling mind". Thank you Ron. I highly suggest this class if you're considering nice, slow, fluid, well-rounded practice that is nourishing, deep and reflective. Namaste.

JMacDee 2 months ago

I really like Ron's idea of showing us how to find pleasure in our yoga practice rather than enduring it. I will be trying to focus on that more. I thought the location was a beautiful choice and I wish I could be there too.

ama1031 3 months ago

I started to write a comment and my words, thoughts, and gratitude are exactly the same as the person before me. What a beautiful class. I particularly enjoyed this being in nature, it created such a comforting sacred space. Thank you!

cgrdina 3 months ago

What a beautiful class! Learning the strength to get the most of out the poses and keeping your body safe is so important. Thank you!

Callielou 3 months ago

Really enjoyed this class. Peaceful and beautiful and I feel so good after. Thank you Ron!

Paulette9 5 months ago

I love you Ron! I love your authenticity and inner joy! Your cues are right on and your choice of words helped me to feel more relaxed and open and accepting of my body - to really embrace pleasure. You are a wonderful yoga instructor - thanks for another great class!!

turnerck 6 months ago

This was beautiful, just the opening my heart, mind, and body needed today. Thank you Ron!

mumseyllama 10 months ago

Love the philosophy of pleasure in the body. Enjoying Ron's videos.