Yoga for Inner Acceptance

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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If you sometimes struggle with accepting your inner experience - such as who you are, how you feel, what you think about and what others think of you - then give this class a try. It's designed to gently shift your perspective, encouraging you to feel your body and experience your emotions in a nonjudgemental way and to awaken compassion. If you repeat it regularly, it will help you better understand yourself, and can teach you how to let go of feelings of anxiety, depression and emotional pain.

Equipment: Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress


Bocky 4 years ago

I'm just coming back to yoga after a longgggg hiatus and this title drew me in as I've been dealing with loads of stress and anxiety that I'm having trouble with shaking off. This was exactly what I needed to start managing and releasing this anxiety and getting back into a practice. thank you thank you.

Libra Yogi 4 years ago

Thanks so much David. I stayed with your voice during shavasana and actually felt tingling, and release, in each body part when mentioned! I will revisit this lesson many, many times.

Johannasjo 4 years ago

Lovely gentle class, with long shavasana. All the stress of the day melted away.

LKA968 4 years ago

I have been out of practice and struggling to get back into my yoga and meditation practice. Thank you David for bringing me back and allowing me to remember why I love this so much.

ama1031 4 years ago

David, what an incredible class! Thank you. It was so relaxing, a perfect Sunday evening peacefulness. I cannot say how these 30 days have helped ground me and bring me into this new year. I look forward to the last beginner class tomorrow and then moving on to the intermediate 30 days next. I want to keep the momentum going! Namaste.

TracieJ65 4 years ago

Oh My David! This was AWESOME! I never lay down at the end of class as I can not get my back to relax! I always do legs up the wall, which in itself is very good. BUT I just melted into the floor! Even my tongue fell off of the roof of my mouth WITHOUT me telling it to. This was fantastic and took me right out of the bad mood I started with.

Trudywalker5@gm... 4 years ago

I did the first 15 minutes of this class and started it again because i felt it was custom made for my body,it felt amazing on my back ! This is a perfect Sunday morning or bedtime class.
Loving the 30 day yoga challenge. David this is your calling , you are incredibly good at what you do !

Turtle70 4 years ago

Excellent class, it helps me to recover from clinical depression without drugs or without their severe side effects...