Yoga for Athletes: A 60-Minute, All Levels Class

Michelle Rubin
Instructor Michelle Rubin
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Join Michelle in this all-levels yoga class where she takes you through a series of highly effective strengthening and stretching exercises that are key to the demands of an elite athlete, no matter what sport you are involved in. This class may be what you're missing in your training regime!

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners


jhussey 7 years ago

Michelle makes me smile with every time I do one of them, and I do them as much as I can. Thank you Michelle and thanks to DoYogaWithMe for this entire website.

aud_yoga 7 years ago

I loved the clear instructions, and the options to make it more challenging or more basic. Very good for strengthening. This is not a class that makes you sweat, but it challenges the muscles and builds strength.

doilyglove 7 years ago

Class is mostly floor work and not what I was expecting. However, be warned--you will be working lots of muscles you don't normally access like hip flexors and foot muscles. Instructor is very light and reminds you to only practice, but I have been sore for two days.

That being said--I'll be doing this session again.

lady zee 8 years ago

I was expecting more poses like Warrior and the Triangle but this class was still effective. I felt my muscles working and experienced a lot of releases with each stretch. 8 years ago

Glad you enjoyed the class...
Often new students, especially athletes are often to tight to do the standing poses such as triangle and warrior correctly, run the risk of injuring themselves with incorrect alignment. This style of class is designed to allow all individuals and opportunity to safely open their bodies as a form of maintenance and preparation for more advanced poses. However it is a challenge for even my most advanced students and helps them excel further in the more advances asana.

doilyglove 7 years ago

You're right! A lot of athletes really are tight--never thought of that. You must have a lot of success with floor poses for athletes then.


Thank you for the beautiful class. You're gonna get my hip flexors in rad shape.

Ceridwen 8 years ago

This video wasn't quite what I expected, but I felt that it really helped stretch and strengthen some of the little muscles I usually forget about. I thought the instruction was very thorough.