Yoga for Athletes: A 60-Minute, All Levels Class

Michelle Rubin
Instructor Michelle Rubin
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Join Michelle in this all-levels yoga class where she takes you through a series of highly effective strengthening and stretching exercises that are key to the demands of an elite athlete, no matter what sport you are involved in. This class may be what you're missing in your training regime!

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners


jmthey 6 years ago

My favorite part was Dez's face when she kept almost hitting herself in the face while doing elbow circles :p All in all a nice video, though.

Lindagun1 6 years ago

This class was more of a warm-up and/or a cool-down, but there was no middle part. I too would consider this more pilates and just gentle stretching, than I would yoga. Everything was from a seated position. There was never a point of strengthening or heart rate increasing poses -- just mild stretching.

courtneydhoffman 6 years ago

While the class was a good stretch and the instructor was wonderful, I was disappointed. This is closer to pilates in feeling than yoga. I definitely recommend recategorizing it so that people aren't misled in the future.

Kaoya 6 years ago

Thank you Michelle, great video !

I just have a little question, though... I am a runner and run four days a week. When would you advise me to do this class? Just before/after my runs, or on the days I don't run?

Thank you very much for all the great videos ! (the mogul muncher is now part of my post-run routine, as it makes post-run minor knee pain disappear for me) 6 years ago

Hey Kaoya

This class works great before or after a run...
I personally find mogal muncher ( video ) as a pre run joint stabilizer followed by this video post run release to be the absolute best combo.

:) Michelle

ATV4Y 6 years ago

Even though I'm younger then 20, I've always had this annoying habit of stressing out and tensing up over the little stuff. Tests, work, family -- you name it. And after spending years looking for the right exercise that'll give me strength, tone, and flexibility while going my own comfortable speed I've finally found one that works!

Also -- I recommended this for my boyfriend who is unable to go to Physical Therapy after having knee surgery. I think it's perfect for him as well.

lisaj 6 years ago

Thanks, I loved this. I normally love the more fast paced athletic classes too but I also run 6 or 7 days a week and so sometimes my ankles hurt too much for standing sequences. This is perfect as there are no standing poses. Its great after a run, when your focus is all over the place and balancing is more of a struggle. It works on the shoulders, hips, legs, feet and wrists - my upper back and neck feels a little better too. I would also suggest this to non sporty, first time yogis too and people who sit at desks. Thanks x

Comrad3 7 years ago

Great video, amazing teacher, great modifications... but not what I expected. I was hoping for a full body intense workout but it was more focused on stretches. 4/5, great video though!

rcaruso03 7 years ago

Great instruction for shoulders & seated work but i expected bigger multi muscle "athletic" movements like a warrior series and more standing poses. Perhaps renaming it could help it find a crowd who may enjoy it?

dinaj26 7 years ago

I love yoga! It was very clear and easy to follow along without having to watch the screen the entire time. This class was just what I needed for my ITB dysfunction and lower back pain. I am a runner and up until now I have not found effective stretches to really loosen up before and after my runs. I want my whole family to do yoga now! Thank you=)