Yoga for 55+: Return to Practice

Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
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Satiya's Yoga for 55+ is a lovely class that is gentle, but a little more challenging for the average senior. It's a gentle, hatha yoga class that comes with many benefits, including helping you establish the strength and flexibility that you need to maintain your abilities as best you can, including your balance, the range of motion in your joints and your pain-free body. It will also prepare you for Satiya's next class: Yoga for 55+: A Beginner Flow. Have fun! Note: Satiya sits on a bolster to begin class, but you can use anything, such as a firm pillow or folded blanket.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


OliveBranch 2 years ago

Very good indeed to get back to practice after many years of chronic illness. I've struggled to begin again or find something I can start out with as my body is nothing like the one I once knew. More of these please to keep people like me on track.

LWGrey 2 years ago

I enjoyed this class a great deal. Satiya's calm presence and clear instructions were great. I found the slower pace and clear link between breath and movement helpful. I also found it to be a great class for focusing on my form.

Margarethe 2 years ago

I'm normally an intermediate class person but hurt my hip and am trying to "go easy". This class is fantastic for a 55 + or sedentary person who feels intimidated by yoga. My sister is one of those people. she isn't super coordinated and finds new physical steps hard to follow. I'm sure she could do this.
Satiya doesn't use any yoga terms, her instructions are very calm and clear and the moves are gentle. She gets you moving your entire body using easy to follow instruction.
My only improvement would be: she is sitting on a bolster. In the pre-talk it's worth mentioning what "equipment" is used and maybe why. She does mention it once the class starts but I like to have all my gear collected before.
This is a fantastic class for the new, returning after an injury, or many years away people, and yoga shy people.
I'm going to check out more of her classes. She has a welcoming, calm countenance.

Kazzawin 2 years ago

I really enjoyed this gentle stretching, especially as I have been suffering with very painful joints due to menopause and as such have not exercised or practised for ages. After one session I felt a little less sore and a tad more supple.
Thank you : )