Yoga for 55+: A Beginner Flow

Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
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This yoga class for 55+ is perfect for beginners or anyone who feels they need a gentle yoga class. It's a step up from her class Yoga for 55+: Return to Practice, and it begins with Satiya slowing you down, breathing, meditating and letting go of the day. She makes her way toward gentle, modified sun salutations, followed by a hatha yoga flow that includes balancing poses, and openers for the spine, hips, legs, shoulders and groin. It may feel a little more challenging than the average Yoga for Seniors class, but it will likely be accessible to most who are in this age range. Satiya's pace and clear direction make this class easy to follow and a joy to participate in. Note: Satiya sits on a bolster to begin the class. You can use the same, a firm pillow or folded blanket.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress, Yoga for Seniors


nipper 2 years ago

I did this as a running rest day practice. Soooo very nice. Very nicely directed and paced to give one time to find their posture and stretch. Feet, ankles, calves, hamstrings, the entire body. It is nice to take ones time and enjoy the stretch and relax. Great variety and very enjoyable. Thank you Satiya

Irishlove 2 years ago

I really enjoyed this well paced practice. I actually wouldn't have labeled it as 55 plus, but as a very stable flow class. It has beginning elements, but it also has a lot of stronger elements. After all, aren't all levels based on a slow, rhythmic, mastering of the basics? I see too little of the basics of any type of Hatha based yoga these days so it's brilliant to do Vrksasana, Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, Gomukhasana, Navasana, Bharadvajasana, Marichyasana I (with modifications) and others. Honestly, I love the basics and although I am well able for advanced work, it's the basics, done in a slow flow manner, that keep me in alignment. Thank you so much for contributing to making my day a good one. This practice really helped me, and I feel it can help a lot of people (you can even pause the video and add a backbend before the twists!). Namaste from Ireland.

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Yes, I get what you're saying. You've highlighted a constant challenge for us as we name classes. As you say, this class can be great for all levels, not just students who are 55+. Here's a great example: I filmed a beginner class that I labelled Yoga for Sciatica, but it's also a great class for office workers, athletes, people with lower back pain and intermediate/advanced students. My Yoga for Lower Back Pain series is the same - those two classes will benefit a whole variety of yogis because of their thorough focus on releasing tension around the pelvis.
So we choose to label classes with more specific terms when we want people who are in that demographic or are suffering from a particular issue to find it and do the class. The risk is leaving others out, but there is no way to avoid that.... other than having conversations like this one.
Thanks for bringing that up and happy to hear more.

Irishlove 2 years ago

Thank you, David. I always appreciate the insight/clarification. I'll check those other classes out now that you've mentioned them. :)