Yin/Yang Yoga for the Spine

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
Average: 4.7 (234 votes)
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Sarah-Jane begins with a yang flow, which is full of energy, movement and challenging poses, to warm and prepare the body for 30 minutes of yin. The heat generated during the first 20 minutes makes the yin poses - the deeper spinal bends and twists - feel so good you'll want to spend a lot more time in savasana.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


tracyelizabeth81 3 years ago

Excellent class. Are there any alternatives besides child´s pose for the last pose? I have a knee injury that does not allow me to bend my leg like that!

Taralum 3 years ago

If it because you are unable to bend your knee all the way I find putting a pillow or two behind my knees help.

beckalinagirl86 3 years ago

This was my favourite class of the 30 day challenge so far. It really challenged me and although there were a couple of poses where I could only do the first phase, I'm sure with time and practice I'll get there! Thank you for a fantastic class :-)

SteveMo 3 years ago

A stunning session that has really shown me the way ahead for working my stubborn lower back. On a personal level the binds need working on and provided a wry smile to the self. Thank you for a superb class.

PY 3 years ago

I found the ankle flexions on the final Yin pose very challenging, but enlightening also. Thank you for the class.

eruvande 3 years ago

I generally avoid the Yang videos because I think to myself that I need something more active and it's a waste of time. (I know, I know.) Oh, how wrong I was.

Sylviaperezdelae 3 years ago

Great routine but fir me better to do it in the afternoon when unwind- I had a busy day ahead and was a b
It's challenge to keep my mind focus on the long postures. I enjoyed it! Namaste