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Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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If you are looking for a power yoga class that is really hard, but in a good way, do this one. Tracey takes you through a really fun flow that keeps you on your toes, mixed with deep stretches for the hip flexors (thighs), hamstrings, lower back and groin, along with poses with arm binds and lots of foot balances. You will love this class!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


jessiebird73 4 years ago

I don't consider myself to be an advanced practitioner, but gave this one a try because it wasn't too long. It was a lot of fun! It wasn't too strenuous, but the balance required was challenging and engaged my attention. The twists and variations were new to me, so I enjoyed seeing what I could do with them. And I appreciate Tracey's instruction, gentle, precise, with a touch of reminders of the mental and spiritual consciousness we are trying to gain also from these practices. Thank you!

jhiggins2781 4 years ago

Tracey is always one of my favorites, and this class is phenomenal! She motivates me to push beyond what I think I can do and reach new levels of flexibility, strength, and joy!

jsbsymons 4 years ago

This class has a nice warm up, good intensity, and finishes with some lovely stretches. Good hip opening throughout. Thanks for such a great class!

heckerdy 4 years ago

.thanks for a good morning practice I will for sure put this one in my rotation for the rest of November ..thanks so much

Kiratee 4 years ago

...Such lovely words in Savasana - in fact they made cry! I really enjoy Tracey's teaching and I always learn something new. Would have loved a longer Savasana but other than that a great class with so much packed into it. I liked the variation of Hanumanasana and Vasisthasana! Thank you.

FreeNinja 4 years ago

Thank you, Tracey, for sharing this beautiful class! This class was just hard enough to keep me focused but not so hard that I got lost! Namaste!

pvetsen 4 years ago

What a fun practice, I was smiling the entire time. Not the rigor you'll find with Fiji, but it still left me feeling incredible both physically and spiritually. Thank you as always Tracy, this is the first time I've ever giggled in Savasana :)

DeAnna33 4 years ago

Beautiful practice! Practiced some great new poses that I have never tried and feel refreshed afterward. Thank You!

jordanyoga 4 years ago

This is by far my favorite class thus far. A wonderful flow and excellent stretches. Thank you Tracey!!!

Tfillinger 4 years ago

I love this.. Feel so stretched and energized. Tracey is a wonderful teacher!!!