Vishvamichrasana Holydeepasana

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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Crista takes you through a vinyasa flow that covers the body in a thorough way, including deep hip openers and releases for the hip flexors, hamstrings, spine, back and shoulders. The sequencing is creative and fun, while many of the poses are very challenging, including variations on side plank, warrior 2, prasarita padotonasana and, of course, vishvamichrasana (visvamitra's pose).

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


tamiserene 1 year ago

this is a great and creative class getting deep into all body parts, would really like more advanced classes, this is what keeps me here and there are so few of them compared to others

rozuMashka 2 years ago

Christa has become one of my favorite instructors on this webite. Her classes are really creative. And this class has become my favorite too. Thanks a lot!

Cari_Yogi 2 years ago

Such a creative, fun and brilliant flow - As always from Crista. This sequence was wonderfully designed and I will come back to it again and again until I have the full pose comfortably. Thank you for sharing this amazing advanced class. I worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I'm so glad I made time for a longer practice today :)

ANAIS R. 2 years ago

Very interesting how the sequence is built, then you come to the peak pose warm, strong, and full of confidence. I almost managed the peak pose whereas i couldn't do it before ! thank you Crista !

NaomiCeleste 2 years ago

A beautiful, fun and create flow! It is wonderful to use the posterior of the mat, the sides and the front in equal measure. I love your smile Crista and the enthusiastic remainders to find the ease in the postures and not just the effort and form. This class is a gem.

freshang23 2 years ago

1) I think I fell asleep during shavasana- this is is testament to the fantastic pacing and hidden intensity of this flow.
2) Crista this is so well done!!!
3) Peak pose is so close but so far, in a way that makes me excited to do this again
4) What would be a good shorter length class to help me develop the flexibility for this peak pose?

LucyHB 2 years ago

Oooh DYWM with these new classes you are really spoiling us! It's not often that I feel like a full advanced class the same day as a very long marathon training run, but the words 'deep hip openers' and 'deep thigh stretches' were enough to entice me into giving this one a go. Oh it was wonderful - opened my shoulders and lower back as well as those lovely hip openers. I didn't quite make the peak pose, but nearly there! I'll be coming back to this one a lot. Thank you Crista!

Riser 2 years ago

I worked so hard during this amazing practice. The sequencing was unique and so perfect, leading up to the peak pose. I am left feeling that, with practice, this pose will be doable in the near future. Your beautiful personality shines through the entire flow. I just loved your singing mantra closing. Thank you Christa.

MJC 2 years ago

This class includes a lovely warm up and flows seamlessly into the peak pose. My body feels so open, warm and fuzzy! Thank you so much Christa for this challenging class. I will be returning again and again. I find all your classes so creative and inspiring. You are truly a beautiful spirit. Lots of love!