Vinyasa Yoga for Lower Back Care: Deep Release

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In part 3 of Fiji's 4-part series on lower back health, Fiji's focus is on releasing the key muscles that can be responsible of lower back discomfort and pain. She carefully moves into gradually deeper stretches for the hips, legs and lower back, ensuring that everything she does with you is moving toward an outcome that includes pain relief, flexibility and strength. The entire program, Vinyasa Yoga for Lower Back Care, can be found on our Yoga Programs page.


Great series of classes
Rbreid73 3 months ago

I am learning so much about lower back care through these four classes. There's always a tendency with vinyasa classes to transition in and out of poses without thinking about the strain it is putting on the lower back region. I often have a sore back so finding the time and space to open my back with care is proving very rewarding. Thank you Fiji once again for putting together such a great series of classes.

Lower back love
Fiji McAlpine 2 months ago

I am so glad you are finding these classes useful. You are so right, the rush through transitions is where our lower back gets the most misuse. I am hoping these classes help bring that to light and prevent as well as treat lower back injuries!

thank you!
Mee 4 months ago

such a great class. thank you from cologne!

louhadaway 4 months ago

Feels great to focus on lower back. (Have chronic QL strain from dance). Loved even the side seated reach at the beginning. Targets the attachment where i have most trouble and never considered how simple but effective this stretch would be! Also, the deep hip stretching which I need more of (used to not be able to Goddess Squat at all; getting there now..)Thank-you so much for posting your class. I am grateful to have learned from you

perfect class!
lalabrock 4 months ago

Wow!! My back feels fabulous!! Thank you Fiji!!

such a good class for my back
chopper 4 months ago

It's like Christmas when a new class is posted, love this new series Figi! Always love classes that feel good on my back and love when it starts in child's pose. I also love the quiet .