Tapas and Transformation

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (47 votes)
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This vigorous flow with Fiji stokes the inner fire with core work and challenging asanas. The inner fire helps us shed that which holds us back and gives us courage to step into something new.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Hanasana 2 weeks ago

Loved this class! Will not love waking up with those rewarding aches in my legs, and wondering if it's the workout or covid -.- worth it anyway! <3

Rebyou 2 weeks ago

Happy to be back on the mat for this class. Thanks for the strength and balance restoration Fiji

sindysisi 2 weeks ago

Same with the previous comment! I check the site daily to see if there is new Fiji class. Fiji, thank you so much for your thoughtful sequence and inspiring words. I always feel peace yet energized after your classes. Love every second of it.

Sasha Lee 2 weeks ago

I check nearly every day if there will be a new Fiji class - and today is my lucky day! Thank you for always inspiring me!! I, too, hope to join you on a retreat - one day, some day, hopefully sooner than later once travel is open again!

deborahcb 2 weeks ago

I'm always excited to see a new Fiji class. It's my dream to do a retreat with you and I was thrilled to see one with you in September, especially since it speaks to my other loves of nature and journaling. I'll have to wait to see if your beautiful country will allow international visitors then. Namaste.

Katherine F 2 weeks ago

Thank you , Fiji. As always, I love your classes. This one has left me feeling strong and calm.

LucyHB 2 weeks ago

Oh hooray! A new Fiji class! After almost getting April fooled by the Do Yoga For Me 'launch' just now I half-expected this to be some kind of April 1 prank too, but so glad it turned out to be a wonderfully dynamic, quick and invigorating class instead. Thank you Fiji!