$5 Subscription Ending Soon

$5 subscription ending soon


We Want to Thank You!

DoYogaWithMe is so thankful that you love our content. We thoroughly enjoy providing you and the rest of the world with high-quality yoga instruction. Our number one goal is to share yoga in a way that makes it affordable and accessible for everyone.

We are committed to Free

With that in mind, we want to reassure you that the free content on this site will always remain free and we will continue to produce more free videos into the distant future. You will never be obligated to subscribe to receive value from us.

Subscribe Now While It’s Only $5

However, our monthly subscription rate is about to increase to $9.99. So if you are even thinking about subscribing, now is the time. You have until October 1st to lock yourself in at $5/mo or $55/yr forever. After October, subscriptions will go up to $9.99/mo.

Being a subscriber has amazing benefits

Here is everything you receive when you subscribe:

  • Access to 32 subscriber-only videos and counting
  • Access to a growing number of exclusive yoga challenges and programs
  • Access to a private Facebook page with Fiji McAlpine
  • An ad-free experience
  • Lots of Karma! For making it possible for the less fortunate to do yoga for free

We've received countless messages of gratitude from people around the world. Your support makes it possible for us to continue streaming hundreds of free videos to the planet.

Where does my $5 go?

  • More high-quality yoga videos
  • More great yoga programs and challenges
  • Creating new website features
  • Providing an ad-free experience for subscribers
  • Paying our talented and dedicated staff and teachers
  • Keeping the community alive and active
  • Maintaining our community forum
  • Website maintenance

Can’t afford $5 a month?

No problem. We just love having you around and hope you continue to love our videos.

If you can’t subscribe, but still want to help, we would love if you shared this (or any other content from DoYogaWithMe) with your family and friends who may benefit. We love seeing new faces and would love to reach more people.

We think everyone should enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Already a Subscriber?

Just keep doing what you’re doing! All current monthly and yearly users are grandfathered in and will not see an increase in their fee (unless you cancel and re-subscribe.)

And thank you. We really do appreciate your support.


See you on the mat!

The DoYogaWithMe Team

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$5 Subscription
aherrera30124 10 months ago

The only price option it is giving is the $10 a month option. Is this a old promotion?

5$ subscription
mltessier 1 year ago

Wanted to subscribe following the 5$ deal link, but I think I'm missing something. I can't seem to complete a suscription at that price. Am I missing something?

Oh, never mind! i found the
KFletch7 1 year ago

Oh, never mind! i found the date of October 1st as the end of the deal.

Hi there,
KFletch7 1 year ago

Hi there,

I went to subscribe, and it appears that the $5 month/$55 year is no longer the deal, or am I missing a step somewhere? I haven't seen an update as to the deal's ending date, so I just wanted to clarify before completing a purchase of membership.


Lifetime subscription
Massimo 1 year ago

I have just found your blog and I'm exploring it, before changing prices, are you going to offer a lifetime subscription for members ?

Helen Alford 1 year ago

Hi David, When you subscribe does DYWM continue to draw the amount from your account monthly? The only reason I'm asking is that I subscribed a couple of months ago and then became unsubscribed at the end of the month - but this could have been because my account had run out of funds. I'm subscribed now so I just want to check it will roll on (as long as money there!). Thanks.

Re: subscription payments
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi Helen.
Yes, the funds are withdrawn automatically from your account, monthly. Yours may have ended because of an issue with your credit card. Perhaps it had expired...
Take care,

Good to know: but!
lec 1 year ago

Hi - I have been on the site for some years. I don't look at your Facebook page much. Had I not done it just now I would have missed the notification. What about old-fashioned emailing subscribers too?

Re: emailing members
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi there. We did send out three emails to notify folks about the price change. You need to be subscribed to our newsletter to receive them, though. You can check if you are in your profile.

A big thanks to the whole team!

Hi David, I want to let you and all other staff know that your website has changed m lifestyle a big time. It has not only made an impact on my physical but mental health as well. I am more calm and focused and cant miss doing yoga every single day . All of this is possible because of the efforts you and your team is putting.

However I cant afford to make donations right now, I promise I would do once I am able to in the future.


Thank you!
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Wow, thank you! We are really happy that you are doing so well!

Love it!