Stretching Your Lower Back in Flexion

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This video teaches how to isolate the stretch to the lower back when in a forward fold. This is incredibly useful for those who have particularly tight muscles around the lower back, and even more so for those who have hyper lordosis (exaggerated lower back curvature).


Yogimonica 3 weeks ago

I have a problem with my lower back and found this quite painful to do - does this mean I shouldn't do it? It's hard to tell as I am usually in pain and I don't know whether that is intensifying during yoga poses so I'm often unsure whether I should continue with them. If you can recommend any poses specifically for lower back, left shoulder and neck pain please I would be very grateful. :)

David Procyshyn 2 weeks ago

Yes, pain typically indicates that you should avoid that movement, particularly if it intensifies as you move into the pose. It also can indicate that your body would benefit from stretching the muscles that are opposite to the one you are doing (the hip flexors). You may also want to work on stretching your hamstrings. You can use the filters in our Yoga Poses section to choose these areas, or you can you our site search box to find pose and class videos. We have a lot to choose from, including great classes for the shoulders and neck.