A Stretch Class for Beginners I

David Procyshyn
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This beginners yoga class is great for people who are just starting out with yoga, seniors, or anyone who is looking for a gentle stretch class. It moves through a series of poses that stretch mainly the upper body - the spine, shoulders, neck and back.


great first thing in the morning
Sarah NN3 5 years ago

This yoga video is great first thing in the morning, when my muscles are too tight for a more rigorous workout. I love the simplicity of the narration and music. Thank you David!

ryacovissi 5 years ago

I'm very new with yoga and this video was simple and easy to follow.

Here comes summer
creek 5 years ago

I really liked this video. It was easy to follow and very gentle on me. Perfect for my wake up in the morning routine. It will start my conditioning for my busy summer after playing on the computer after work all winter. I will steadily improve and go on to more challenging routines to strengthen my knees and thighs. I feel so blessed to have found this site. Thank you.

Video own
Spoonyoga 5 years ago

Perhaps there is a better place to put this, but this video seems no longer available to me. I have been watching it for a few days now and I am absolutely loving it.

Is this just a problem for me or will the video be back up at a later time?

uhhmeilyah 5 years ago

Hello David! Let me just start out by saying how wonderful I think it is that you make these routines available on the internet free of charge, I am thankful for that!

I was just wondering if this would be an effective routine to practice with the intent of building strength. I suffered a major depressive episode after the death of my mother one year ago and have been pretty much completely inactive for a long time, and it shows in my body.

I gave the challenge your body routine a go but I'm worried it might be too difficult to work up the motivation to do on a daily basis, although a challenge is more what I'm looking for. I've dabbled in yoga a few times throughout my adolescence but never committed to developing a grasp on the practice, although I am familiar with the basics. Would you advise that I try to start out with this routine or the more challenging one?

Thanks so much for this
MccartyLupe 6 years ago

Thanks so much for this tutorial!
I am just a beginner, and I really don't know so much. I hope these videos will help me to be flexible, and on the whole to learn yoga. Thanks!

thank you for the
KeyK 6 years ago

thank you for the video!
Maybe this is what is going to help me fell less sleepy in the morning.
Is there a short version? Like 10 minutes set of exercises?

Lovely practice
Satia (not verified) 6 years ago

The instructions were very clear and I didn't have to watch what was happening as I often do with other yoga videos. I wish the equipment list had been more clear about needing more than just a strap. The image I first saw for the video shows the instructor sitting in a chair and I assumed the entire practice was a seated/chair practice. So I had a strap but no yoga mat. Not a crisis as I am not averse to lying on my floor and nothing done on the floor required the stickiness a mat provides. It would have been nice to know it would be needed, however.

Nonetheless, my shoulders and chest feel wonderfully open and I have no doubt that I will be seeking out other practices taught by this teacher going forward. And, just to be on the safe side, I'll have my mat rolled out and ready even if he is standing or sitting.

Re: Awesome
David Procyshyn 6 years ago

I'm really happy to hear that. This class is particularly designed to do that, so it's nice to hear that it's working!

gretchenlynn 6 years ago

just found you today. I did this series and had a headache prior to and now it is barely noticeable.