Steadiness and Ease

Shivani Wells
Instructor Shivani Wells
Average: 4.4 (70 votes)
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Her unique style and attention to detail makes Shivani the perfect teacher for a class with this theme. She guides two students through a challenging, fun flow while returning to the concept of steadiness and ease, something that is very difficult to maintain in practice and in life.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Debussine 6 years ago

I love Shivani's style, her flow is very soothing, well guided and I find myself smiling and seeking challenge in each of her classes! This focus on steadiness and ease is exactly what I need in my life, thank you.

dingobaby 6 years ago

Really nice flow- loved the elaboration of the body with each asana. Your style of teaching is very comfortable, relaxed, and encouraging. Will find more of your classes:) Thank you