Jivamukti Yoga Spiritual Warrior

Jonni-Lyn Friel
Instructor Jonni-Lyn Friel
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This spirited and dynamic Jivamukti yoga class offers a well-rounded practice for your busy life. It incorporates a setting of intention, warm up, standing poses, basic twists, seated poses, deep backbends, inversions, and seated meditation. Modifications are offered to accommodate a range of intermediate to advanced skill levels.

Equipment: Block
Style: Jivamukti


Jonni-Lyn Friel 1 year ago

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time to articulate your experience. In the Jivamukti tradition, there are a few set sequences. This is one of the sequences that is set and taught around the world exactly the same, every time. It is a set sequence, meant to be a full practice within one hour. Containing all of the aspects of yoga, to make it a well rounded practice. All the shapes that your body can do as well as intention, spirit, breath work and meditation combined to be a full practice. Each breath is accounted for, as it is a Vinyasa class.

Not alot of alignment or instructions are given, for two reasons. 1) it is an intermediate class and the students are expected to have understanding of the poses. 2) it allows the student to drop into the practice quicker and have the experience, rather than following alot of instructions which can take us out of the moment.

This also pertains to inversions. I do not suggest learning inversions without a teacher. Some people, simply should not have weight on their necks. Ever. It takes the eyes of an experienced teacher to help students build strength and find the correct alignment for inversions. However, once you have a safe and knowledgeable inversion practice, you may absolutely practice on your own. You are correct to be cautious and I suggest you seek out an experienced teacher in person if you are interested in learning more about inversions. On the other hand, there are many wonderful inversions that can be done that are not weight bearing and safe for most people.

Different bodies require different things. This is the truly wonderful thing about yoga . It can be adapted ( it must be adapted!) to different bodies and abilities. The practice should serve you, you should not serve the practice. The difficulty with an online platform, is that I cannot see you and give you the right practice for you at this time. However, I do get the honor of showing up in people's living rooms and sharing a bit of what I have learned. So we all do the best that we can, with what we have.

karinxum 1 year ago

It does say it is for intermediate practicers. I have been doing yoga for 5 years, and I thought the warm up was too slow meaning I did not think it was not even intermediate. So might be best to look at the label. You should try beginner's yoga.
Also the description says "inversions" that usually means shoulder stand, head stand, and potentially harder inversions. Hopefully that helps you navigate.

kapkap 1 year ago

Also my first time with Jivamukti. Thank you for a wonderful and precise introduction!

charstewart 1 year ago

Great class! I love that it includes both physical and spiritual aspects with meditation and chanting. I practiced outside which added even more and left me sweaty and feeling great!

brindmore 1 year ago

My first time with this style of yoga. I loved it - hope you will record many more soon!