Spine All Ways

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Improve your spinal health and mobility by exploring your spine's full range of motion in multiple directions: side bending, twisting, backbending, and forward folding. Not only will this sequence help you develop more fluidity in your movement, it will also help to open the ribcage for more freedom and expansion in breathing, along with providing a welcome release for muscles of the back, shoulders and neck.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


EiMertens 1 year ago

Amazing class! I love Rachel’s classes. Her cueing is so helpful to me and I always feel like I really understand the poses better after one of her classes. More Rachel please!

clothwright 1 year ago

Great class! I love the focus on spine flexibility, it is very helpful. Thank you!

jennysknight 1 year ago

Lovely, would intersperse with more downwards dog in my own practice but that makes for a lot longer class

bronwynhegarty 1 year ago

This was a fantastic class. Clear instructions with options for more advanced poses. I feel so stretched and got such a great workout. My back is feeling so much more 'nimble' if that's the right word. Thank you!

Jimbob 1 year ago

A great class. Good clear instruction at a nice pace. This was also perfectly placed in this challenge for me. Thanks.