Spine All Ways

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Improve your spinal health and mobility by exploring your spine's full range of motion in multiple directions: side bending, twisting, backbending, and forward folding. Not only will this sequence help you develop more fluidity in your movement, it will also help to open the ribcage for more freedom and expansion in breathing, along with providing a welcome release for muscles of the back, shoulders and neck.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


Karlyfries143 7 months ago

Great class and I love how Rachel went into lots of detail with the more challenging poses. Thanks!

emmyt 7 months ago

Very thorough. Good explanation of options and modifications.

Kkbuckey 7 months ago

Even though the class was more challenging, I am happy I was able to do the poses.

DKincade 7 months ago

After a long day of travel I was wondering how this would go. It was terrific. Thank you Rachel.

n00btorious 7 months ago

Super great class! Building strength, flexibility and balance all at once. I felt challenged the entire time but the superlative queuing kept me from being lost or overwhelmed.

JHNabors 7 months ago

Great class! Very good instructions. I will come back to this class.

beesknees 7 months ago

Great class! Clear instructions make challenging poses accessible. Thank you!