Slow Stretch Flow

Jonni-Lyn Friel
Instructor Jonni-Lyn Friel
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This slow-paced, stretchy flow class with Jonni-Lyn is the perfect way to connect with your breath and tune in to your body. With lots of rolling movements, a focus on hip-opening and seated postures, this class will have you slow down and loosen up. It begins with the Guru mantra, chanting to the “Guru” which is the remover of darkness. The second chant is done with the classical sun salutations and was traditionally done with each movement to give thanks to the sun for rising each day and shining on us all.

Equipment: None
Style: Slow Flow, Vinyasa/Power Yoga


sng4ever 3 months ago

A feel good practice. A couple of hiccups in the video when one knee is forward and then moving back to half split however it was not that big of a deal.

A softer practice for Jonni-Lynn. Love the chanting too!

ann@jasminecottage 3 months ago

I was feeling a little miserable today. This class was lovely, it has brought my emotions to the surface in a good way. The directions are perfect, the class is so calming. I love the chanting, it is so hard to find a teacher for chants. I would love to see the words written down and translated so I can learn the chant and understand and practice it better. Thank you for sharing.

LizzieLiz 3 months ago

Fantastic class that packs in a lot without ever feeling hurried. I found this a great morning practice, as the beginning is slow and stretchy enough for morning joints! Thank you Jonni-Lyn!

La_estrella_roja 3 months ago

Beautifully paced class, perfect after a couple of days of more intense classes when my muscles were a bit sore. This seemed to hit all the right spots! Also really enjoyed the inclusion of more chanting - any chance we could get the words of each in the class description to refer to please?

vedalia 2 months ago

Yes, I too would be interested in having a written version of the words to the mantras of this class :))