Kapalabhati - Skull Cleanser Part I

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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Kapalabhati is an energizing, rejuvenating, total-body wake-up! It is deemed to be more of a cleansing technique than a breathing technique, cleansing the nasal passage and the lungs. It is often used to prepare for the practice of pranayama.

This video is part of a breath-training series - the video before it is The Alternate Nostril Breath and the video after it is The Skull Cleanser, Part II.


David Procyshyn 4 years ago

Hi there. Typically this pranayama is done to energize, so it may feel more natural to do it at the beginning of class. However, you may want to test it out before and after to see how it feels, since it may help you relax when moving into savasana.

serrie 5 years ago

I like this- but I was not able to do it nearly as fast as he did- and when he said speed up, I was a bit faster but not much. I will continue to practice.

David Procyshyn 5 years ago

Hi there.
Kapalabhati is designed to wake you up, so it's best not to do it just before you want to go to sleep. You'll also find it uncomfortable if you do it right after eating. Other than that, there is no best time. I find doing it first thing in the morning is very effective at getting me to wake up and be alert. It's the same when I feel a lull in the middle of the day and need an energy boost.
And to the previous question, yes, you can sit on a block.
Warm regards,
DoYogaWithMe Founder

DevB 5 years ago

Hi David,
What is the best time to do Kapalbhati? Morning or evening? Could it be done after having the food?

Francesco_G 8 years ago

Second question, sorry for double post! :(
Can I sit on a block while performing this exercise?

Francesco_G 8 years ago

I like kapalabhati, very much. My question is just how many time should i repeat this sequence? 1? 3? 7? 21? As much as i want?

David Procyshyn 8 years ago

If you are new to Kapalabhati, I would suggest sticking with 3 rounds, and limiting each round to under 100 cycles. Breath work is powerful and must be respected, so pay attention to how it makes you feel physically and psychologically, and most importantly, focus on doing it right!

Take care,

DoYogaWithMe.com Founder