Shoulderstand Variations

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Shoulderstand is known in yoga lore as a powerful and restorative posture. In this class (and in a welcome change of pace for our inversion series), Rachel guides you through an easeful approach to shoulderstand and we will explore how you can modify this pose and incorporate it into your practice. Note: You will need a wall to do the practice.

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 6 of Rachel's 7-Day Inversion Challenge.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


radhike 1 week ago

I really enjoyed the slow but very effective neck and shoulder stretches', my bpdy felt so light and made that shoulder stand bit easier to do. Thanks Rachel.

sng4ever 1 week ago

Some interesting shoulder stand variations. I found these nice to know about, try, and be able to share with others.

Rachel Scott 1 week ago

I love the version with just the hips on the much more accessible than the full thing~

DjKlin 1 week ago

Hi Rachel, loved this one, more gentle to do than the other days.... perfect for the morning routine to wake up and start the day in a good mood. Take care. Thanks for all this amazing classes on inversion :)

Rachel Scott 1 week ago

I figured you all deserved a break!! When I was filming, I certainly needed one ;) So good to hear from you~

Ronne 1 week ago

Thanks for the slower pace today Rachel, my body needed it. Love the first variation of shoulder stand. I don't think I'll try the full one ever again. That felt so restful.

Rachel Scott 1 week ago

Yah, full shoulderstand is INTENSE! And not always in a good or positive way. I love that first variation too :)

Leahjoojoo 1 week ago

The neck and shoulder stretches at the beginning of this class were absolutely awesome to do first thing in the morning, and the "defiant turtle" really made me giggle, especially Rachel's voice as she continued talking in this position :-)

I just love how much focus Rachel puts on proper alignment, ensuring that we're practicing safety, particularly with our necks during shoulder stand. It's also reassuring to know that even lean, mean, yoga machines modify poses and don't always go into the full expression!

Really nice class and it was good to have a gentler class after the previous 5 days of quite intense work.