Hatha Yoga on the Ground

Anastasia Hangemanole
Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
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All of the poses in this quick but full class are on the ground; seated and lying down. Anastasia begins with a short relaxation, then moves at a nice, gentle pace through poses that target the hamstrings, hips, groin, lower back and IT band, among others. It's a great way to begin the day or complete a busy work day, especially if you are short on time.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


Gaynor Walters 2 years ago

I am loving tis challenge after not doing yoga for over 12 years. At the age of 64 it will hopefully help me to loosen up and feel more flexible again. However I am surprised that very few of these yoga sessions start with a warm up? I feel at my age it would be helpful and I'm sure lot's of others would to.

katielee23 2 years ago

That was just perfect for today- a gentle wake up.
Thank you Anastasia.

nadonado 2 years ago

I'm recovering from a concussion and this is the first yoga I can do. Thank you.

ChelseaLoreen 1 year ago

Thanks for your comment, Nadomom. As a result of it, this video popped up when searching DYWM and concussion. I will give it a go! I’m so anxious to move my body again.

CristinaAurelia 3 years ago

I was caught off guard again by this video. I'm doing the 30-day challenge again, and once again I was caught without warning that this video needs a strap and block. You can see in the comments section that I suggested this four months ago. It would be most helpful if you added this to the "equipment needed" or in the intro to the video. Thank you. I hope next time that either this will be fixed or that I'll remember that it's not mentioned. :)

David Procyshyn 3 years ago

Thanks for reminding us and sorry it hasn't been fixed until now. We have added it to the equipment list so everyone can be prepared.

CristinaAurelia 3 years ago

Thank you, David. I'm going through the challenge again, and am most pleased to see this. :)

GinaDP 3 years ago

Wonderful class first thing in the morning. A gentle practice to wake up for body and mind