Restorative Yoga for Stress Relief

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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This restorative yoga class is all about letting go. It's gentle, deeply relaxing and provides the stress relief that so many of us need so much. Melissa's guidance and the poses she chooses lull you into a state of deep rest, using lots of support and blankets to keep you warm. Note: you will need a bolster or pillows for this class. Check out our video,'How To Make Your Own Bolster', located in our blog.

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress


Melissa, it's day one of my country's borders being closed on account of our pandemic. The world is in the midst of the biggest energy shift in several generations, and I was feeling really overwhelmed. Finally I found the wisdom to look up one of your classes, and I found this. What a perfect gift. Thankyou so much.

Melissa Krieger 1 year ago

I'm so glad I can help in anyway possible!I did one of my teachers online class last night and I felt relaxed and calm for the first time in a while. Online yoga is such a gift and I am so grateful I am part of it. Lots of love and good health to you.

Rbreid73 1 year ago

Words can almost not describe how beautiful this class is. The pace, sequencing, use of props, music, even tone of Melissa's voice just made me sink so deeply into my practice- much needed after picking up a bug from children and consequential 'man flu' symptoms...

lorigreer 1 year ago

This class was just what I needed to rid myself of free floating anxiety. Now I am relaxed and focused. I will take this feeling with me throughout my day. Thank you Melissa!

wongey 2 years ago

After five straight days of intense flows, twists, binds, stretches, inversions, and core work, my muscles were feeling sore. Today, after a long, humbling day at work, I decided not to force myself to attempt another advanced video (avoiding any frustrations from not being able to complete a peak pose for example). Melissa's class was a much needed relief from everything and it was important that I was able to carve out these moments of silence and calm. I am deeply grateful for this. Thank you.

jennypeek 3 years ago

Hello! First, I love, love, love all of your classes, Melissa. I am a latecomer to yoga but it has done and continues to do so much for me (body and soul)- so I really cannot thank you enough!

Most of all, though, thank you for converting me into a yoga enthusiast!!

Irishlove 3 years ago

I found this restorative practice to be very thorough. I am currently doing yoga every day, so restorative practices are a necessity to give my body and mind rest I would otherwise miss. Thank you very much. The Sankalpa was a very powerful tool for me...doing yoga every day has brought up a lot, especially through my dreams and I found this practice healing. Namaste from Ireland.