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I am's founder. I began my journey into the world of yoga in my early twenties, after successive injuries as an athlete and the yearning to go deeper into my spiritual practice. Since then, I have explored many different styles of yoga, delved deep into the world of meditation and experimented with the yoga breathing techniques. I can honestly say that I have never felt better. Yoga has absolutely changed my life, in so many ways. I hope this site can help you as much as yoga has helped me.
Yoga, nature, hiking, camping, swimming, music, guitar, sports, friends...
Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Videographer


cheri 8 years ago

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the hard work you have put into this site. Your classes are concise, easy to follow and downright phenomenal. I am undergoing cancer treatments and have chosen to seek out alternative methods to pain medications and the addiction risk that comes along. I started with two of your classes yesterday and my muscle pains are drastically better after one day already. I just wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated and making a BIG difference in someones life. Because of you, I am going to be able to go out for a walk and enjoy some sunshine with my husband today because I feel so good. There are not words to express my thanks for that :) The best part is who knows what quality of life increase I will have in the long term by sticking with this. THANK YOU!

veronika_a@blue... 2 years ago

Dear David,

Thank you very much for the healing support i got ... and still get in a difficult time. –
Every day i appreciate the DoYogaWithMe classes, programs and the vision behind. The videos, presented from you and your teachers in a talented, professionell and lovable way, are important to me.
May i tell you a little bit... 40 years lived Hans and i together, in a good and also independent way – Our days were full of life. We went through ups and downs, the base was the humor and our love and we did take care about. We were happy to accompgny our three daughters and to be with friends, neighbours, young and old people, refugiees, clients. Learning from each other and living as parents and then Hans as a teacher and actor, me as a therapist in ortho-bionomy and energy therapy. We had a lot of same interests to share.
After a happy holiday- and seminar week, Hans and i came home. A few days later, as he did many times before, he left to climb a mountain, the „mountain of the lilies“ - It was a bright autumn day. Hans wrote into the summit book: wonderful - Hans Althaus 15. 9. 15 ... and then, on a dangerous part in the rocks, with chamois near the way ...he slipped? stumbled? ... felt – Later in a meditation, it comforted me, to see his soul, flying to the sun.
Every thing was different – the last two years were the biggest apprenticeship of my life. I had, but also wanted to go consciously with the deep sadness, to do what has to be done, tryed to be in the here and now and took the responsability to find a new way to myself, to get back to my energy and to stay open to see the beautiful in every day. – There is a lot of tender and loving care for our doughters Eveline, Andrea, Nina and me from our family and friends. - Also trauma healing, further training in body work, energy therapy and spirituel practise were helpful. – The traumatic experience brought me pain all over in my body and my hands were swolled over month. I spent a lot of time with writing and working on my themas as dead and grief and looking for transformation. – Eveline told me about DoYogaWithMe and it became a great every day support and energy source. I would like to thank to you and to your interesting teachers. So i started with restaurative yoga – yoga nidra, empowerd myself with the thirty day challenge and with other strengthening yoga classes - Many times i made the meditation part in „yoga for inner acceptance“ – and your 21-Relaxation Cours. - It was a long process. After a good time came a second painful time during this often cold and stormy winter. Again i began with my every day program: Hatha Yoga Therapy fort the lower back – A Deep Release for Shoulders and Neck. - With your Meditations you open and hold a peaceful space to enter in a deep relaxation. Your calming voice helps me to stay there. The feeling that you are connected with what you are saying in the beginning of every meditation, - that i can explore for myself, and find out what it means to me - is motivating to follow your guidance – to be with the body scan, the concept of effortlessness – hold on nothing, give up resistance (!) ...relaxing and going deeper into this room of stillness - inner pictures appear and tell me where i am with my thinking, feeling, with my patterns, and how i can let go, to find finally a new relation to myself. – As you said, your course let me discover the pathway to the wonderful state of mind and way of beeing. The feeling of deep relaxation has been integrated to who i am and to my daily life. The entire experience of relaxation got familiar to me. I embody it and take it into the world around me. It helps me to live with a „new sense of inner calm and new kind of presence, relaxed, alive, full of love,“ and in freedom. It brings me new energy and a good basis to go along with my family, friends, clients and the therapy work that i love *
Thanks a lot to all of you. * Thanks for listening. * Love and light to you and to all what is important to you. – Warmly * Veronika

Anita Noble 1 year ago

Hi, David - I LOVE your classes. They are easy to follow and are very effective.
Last March 6, 2019, I fell off the bed and fractured my L1 bone and compressed the L4 and L5 bones. I had to go to emergency. I was in excruciating pain and could hardly walk, sit, or stand. My back hurt so bad that I thought this is going to take months to heal. I had been doing your other sessions other than the low back pain session for a while, and so I thought I would try those sessions, I and II. I have done them religiously every night. Within a week I was up and about (wearing a back brace) and doing my normal activities, except bending. Today, May 10, 2019, I feel WELL. I am very mobile and hope within six months I can get back to twisting, bending, and doing some of your regular sessions.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge of yoga and implementing the "Do Yoga With Me" site. It is a gift to those who love good health.

Sandra.cunning 6 months ago

Can't tell you how much I love the deep hip yoga. As someone who used to figure skate, this really helps with old injuries. Great pace, clear. Super video. Thank you.

Gitti 1 month ago

Came to this site while searching pain in the butt! I have been practicing yoga for many, many years - on and off! More now so as I am more mature (old). The sessions y David are exactly what I need! Also makes me aware how I have wrecked myself - with or without instructor!
Thanks for the excellent guidance. Had all the props, always thought I am so good, don’t need them! Was I wrong.