Pranayama: Adding Rhythmatic Life Force with Control

Sarada Jagannath
Instructor Sarada Jagannath
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Please help us welcome our newest instructor, Sarada Jagannath!

Join Sarada in this pranayama practice to learn four different types of ancient breathings techniques from hatha yoga and make it your way of life. 

Equipment: None
Style: Pranayama Yoga


Perezoo 1 week ago

So grateful Sarada - this was incredibly helpful and a delight to learn with you! I struggled with a tension headache all day and decided to look for a class that would be supportive and lucky to have found you at this moment. I'll be dreaming of the "humming bee," and can see why it is a favorite practice.

Sarada Jagannath 2 days ago

Thank you for sharing your experience Perezoo. I know breathing exercises are the best tools. The power of the union of body and breath.

ljh101 1 week ago

This was a soothing and lovely practice. As well as the teacher providing a calm and sedating atmosphere, her instructions were clear and helpful for correctly doing the breathing exercises, especially for alternate nostril breathing. I hope to see more practices like this. Thank you :)