Prana, Pulse Flow

Tianne Allan
Instructor Tianne Allan
Average: 4.7 (221 votes)
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This Shiva-Rea style flow is challenging, fun and full of energy. Tianne livens it up with her enthusiastic guidance, particularly in and out of the poses that really push us to concentrate! Once in Sivasana, your body will feel totally invigorated, energized and relaxed.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Adriana Jalife 6 years ago

I love this video! it is a very complete practice that takes you through most of the postures using all your muscles and joints!
Many thanks!!

Jenny Axelsson 6 years ago

I love Tiannes voice. My body respond to it by moving even more gracefully. I love this class and do it often. I wish more classes with you!

levintherapeutics 6 years ago

My friend introduced me to DYWM and I am so very grateful to have the ability to have my home practice be guided in such a manner. I have a difficult time practicing alone and these videos help me focus and provide the direction that I need. I really loved this class in particular for all the same reasons the other commentators wrote. It is peaceful and flows beautifully and is very challenging. In some of the poses I felt extremely graceful and proud and in others I flopped over on my floor because my body protested. Wonderful experience for practicing humility and tuning in deeply to the self. Much love and gratitude!!

Louisevo 6 years ago

It's the third time doing this class and still get a little left behind at times. However, love the challenge. I finally managed crow pose and boat pose today so feeling confident ! Thanks for a great class. U

kstone 6 years ago

I love how many poses are in this class. It feels like a complete strength and stretch for my body. Thank-you for such a beautiful class!

Astrid Patino 7 years ago

I've been using DYWM for the last couple of months and this is the first time I do a class I love as much as this one! I love the way it is challenging but at the right pace at the same time! Definitely doing it again!

TMH 7 years ago

I have done this class twice now and I really love it! All my favourite poses and has plenty of challenge. Thanks for a beautiful class!!

a l i s s a 6 years ago

I finally was able to do crow pose!!! not "oh look i held crow for 1-2 seconds before i flopped over," but actually DO CROW POSE! i balanced in it for the whole time, even tried to kick back into chaturanga without touching the floor first. really got in touch with my breath in this class, I think I actually know what people are talking about when they refer to ujaii ocean breath now, cuz I started breathing really well and made a flowy noise without really thinking about it! I caught myself breathing this way and thought "hey, wait a minute.." haha loved this class, and thank you David for the free yoga and yoga programs!!

kozinskey 6 years ago

This was a wonderful class. Peaceful yet challenging. Thank you.

mfe109 7 years ago

This class was just the right speed for my breathing and allowed me to really flow through the poses. Just the right amount of challenge too... loved it! Thank you!!